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New arrivals (lambs)

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    Well we have had a few lambs born this week,yeah a bit out of season to speak.Maybe the’ll be tuff little mites for it.I’m a bit of a hard arse,you know,their’s nature..let them be but,really I’m a bit of ..well,a protective sort of soul and attached in some ethereal way that is daunting,being a hard arse and all.It’s life,it’s a gift and something I would not want to minimalize by a stupid mistake.So anyhow…I have been putting the ewu’s with the lambs in an enclosed penn from about 5pm till arround 7am in the mornings.I am pretty sure these are the danger times with fox’s and have read it’s good for bonding as well.

    How long should I keep this ritual up?Like the little buggers are running and jumping and are so lively through the day,it’s really cold at night(even a few hard frosts o/night in our area)It’s warmer in the penns.My main concern is protection from fox’s,it’s almost like parental fear.LOL.



    Sorry, can’t answer your questions, but wanted to beg for photo’s please !!


    Mine spend the first 4 nights locked up if they are healthy. If they have had a rough start a little longer.

    I had these arrive over the weekend,

    Ping and Pong. They will spend three days inside.

    This little tacker has had a rough start and he will be in for a week or so until he is up and running.


    I worry about foxes as well, figure for a little bit of messing around I am protecting my investments 🙂


    ohh!!!! thank you for sharing these beautiful piccies

    we too have babes running around the paddocks,but these are our landlords

    at night these are locked in the house yard,because of feral dogs etc

    even when we use to have lambs we always locked the whole flock up at night in pens


    We had foxes taking 3 to 4 week old lambs last year, but we won’t need to worry about those particular foxes this time 👿 , maybe different ones this year. :angry:

    I plan to bring all the girls into the front paddock in front of the house this year, not very big paddock so they will have be let out through the day, we have late lambing not due until November, so weather will be warmer.


    I just read this news article. Very interesting:

    Farmer uses locks to outwit fox

    A southern Queensland farmer has discovered a new way of deterring foxes from killing his lambs.

    Organic farmer Jonathon Arkins has been collecting human hair from local salons and tying it to fence posts around his Greenmount property, south of Toowoomba.

    He says the technique seems to be working so far.

    “I just get old women’s stockings,” he said.

    “So farmers, you may have to go out and raid your wife’s or lady friend’s drawers for their stockings and you just get a handful of hair and stuff it down the bottom and tie a knot in it and then just tie it up from the ground but … the first strand of wire up and that’s enough to get the scent out because foxes hate the smell of humans.

    “Last year we were hit really hard with the foxes and the foxes were just waiting for the ewes to drop their lambs out and they were taking them straight off their mothers.

    “The lambs had no chance of even living a day. It’s heartbreaking seeing five months in lamb and then for a nasty fox to come in and just snatch it.”


    Alpacas will bond with a flock of sheep and guard the lambs against foxes. :tup: :tup:


    Sorry Anja,I have all the programs and stuff,just haven’t installed them so can’t do pic’s yet.If I knew what I was doing I would,no need to beg 🙂 .

    Nice pic’s brymark,I might just keep ’em in the penn of a night for at least a few more weeks.Pesky fox’s,I saw two a fewdays before the drop,biggest one’s this season.

    Steve I remember reading that,thanks for reminding me,I think it’s in one of our Grass Roots or Earthgarden mags(Maybe one of the one’s carolf sent me :tup: ),might actually try it.


    Our lambs and mums have a pen to sleep in too, this year we will also be running a spotlight onto the pen, just trying to deter the foxes. There is a fox that has his eye set on my meat chooks and layers, he’s brave and even comes around early morning after the sun’s up. He killed 2 of our landlords hens and 3 of my bantam chooks the last month.

    The lambs & mums will be closed up for atleast a month. And the rest of the flock will sleep in the same area got a few of last seasons young ones, safety in numbers.


    Hi, just after some advice really.

    We hav just got 3 dropper ewes. One is a lamb, other 2 are probably 3-5 yrs..?? We acquired them from a property where the owner had passed away and the flock have been on their own for about a year?? The lamb has horns and a tail..

    Anyway the biggest ewe seems to be pregnant.. She is huge!!

    I have no idea when she will lamb or anything and they are very shy animals.. She stomps and tries to buck us .. So we can’t really get close enough to check her out.

    Hubby thinks let nature do it’s thing .. But I want to be a bit more prepared. I’d call the vet up but I don’t know how we would catch her?? Or if I’m being over the top about it :blush:


    Hi vickie, I would agree about letting nature take its course. You do not want to stress her if she is pregnant as there is a possibility that she will abort. Ours are not overly tame (some are friendly, but some are not) but they will come and feed out of a container just next to us.

    We tend to keep an eye on ours, but do not do anything. things tend to change a few weeks before they are due (udders increasing in size etc) and their behavior changes too. Ours tend to stand different for a few weeks before they are due, then the day before they give birth they tend to go off by themselves. We have lost a lot of lambs to foxes, I wish the human hair thing worked but unfortunately it is just a myth.


    I’m wondering if it’s the hair or just the old ladies stockings that were keeping the foxes away?! My lambs are now 9 & 12 weeks old & I’m still penning them at night. The local foxes took my full grown turkeys last year & the lambs are about the same size now so I’m not taking any chances with the rotten red blighters. My lambs don’t have mothers though.


    Well i didn’t think about foxes..the chooks have been fine for months now. I can always make the dog sleep out the back 😛

    I can most surely see movement in her sides.. in between her ribs and hips.. and she just seems very heavy on her feet. I could open the bungalow door (we keep the chooks straw in there) and that could be a nice birthing suite.. but i doubt she will go in there.. or if DH will like that idea :dry:

    I guess only time will tell if we get a baby lamb 🙂


    How exciting, Vickie! Keep us posted & with pics!

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