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    Howdy all… Well new year and I’d thought we’d try and get a few new things going..

    Firstly, a few jobs up for offer.. Please PM me if you are interested in any.. ** Note like all of us.. we volunteer, these aren’t paid positions 🙂


    Monthly Newsletter Coordinator.

    A position exists for someone to take the ALS Monthly newsletter by the horns.. Full creative control, (pending approval from admin of course).. Open to suggests…..

    Monthly Challenge Coordinator

    Receive suggestions and create your own monthly challenges. eg

    – Jan 08 , Reduce your food bill by $20 a week and get away with it.

    – Feb 08 , Select 5 of your closest friends and send them a packet of seeds.

    – Mar 08 , Throw out your floor cleaners, bring on the vinegar.

    etc etc you get my drift… Basically someone to drive the challenges are keep them current..

    That’s it for now. The roles may include 2 to 3 people if you wish to pair up with someone..

    Cheers all , hope everyone is enjoying the rain… (maybe not so much though in Qld…) 🙂


    Congrats to Scarecrow who has been appointed the role of the Monthly Newsletter Coordinator

    So if you haven’t already click on the subscribe button in the side panel to receive it via email..

    The first edition will be out in the next couple of days , 🙂


    I would also like to annouce that Doc will be featuring a monthly workshop hints and tips in the newsletter. So thanks heaps Doc.


    I’m pleased to announce the appointment of The ALS Challenge co-ord to osakasuz.

    You’ll will notice a new forum thread titled ALS Challenges.. In here osakasuz will be posting the monthly challenges

    Thanks to all that applied,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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