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    This comment may not help with the current problem but it may be reasonable advise for new plantings of fruit trees with netting in mind….plant dwarf stock to make it easier to cover and prune.


    I was listening to a gardening programme here in WA and holographic tape was mentioned. Then a listener rang in to say he had used it for his fruit trees and it worked really well and he had not lost any fruit to birds this year. As a result I have purchased some (2 rolls plus delivery for less than $50.00). I have not tested it yet, no fruit, but if it works as I’ve been told it is a much cheaper option.


    Forgot to say we have some white bird netting that has been kicking around for at least 12 years and is just starting to deteriorate and it has been badly neglected

    Lady Bee

    We use white netting, but foxes have chewed holes in the bottom of it.  Bathplugs knocked off every single pear on both trees.


    There is a small orchard up the road from us who have used plumbing pipe to suspend their white netting over the entire orchard. It looks presentable and seems to do the job.
    We are netting the mulberry tree this year but will use white netting as I would be very upset if I managed to catch and injure or kill any sort of wildlife in it.


    I have used holographic tape for birds put it up when fruit is on and take it down when finished. it has worked well ]particularly for white cockatoos which not only eat my fruit but devastate the plants. I net my fruit trees for fruit fly and my vegies for bean fly with nets from netpro . same as vegie nets but cheaper to buy from the manufacturer. They last 5 years in sun however I only have them out when needed so should last longer. This regime after trying every other organic fruit fly control available – has worked out cheaper in the long run.  I now train my fruit trees to fit under the nets.


    I use the tape for passionfruit, strawberries, blueberries and citrus and the nets for stone fruit and other soft fruits. 


    ” I’ve loved the experience of growing citrus because (touch wood!) nothing wants to eat them”

    I take it you don’t have possums, they can destroy a citrus tree when in fruit.  Our small orchard is netted.  The only downside is the stink bugs all over the citrus because the Spangled Drongo (which eats stink bugs) them can’t get in, so I manually pull them off (glove up, glasses and long sleeved shirt as they will squirt their acid all over you !) .  I do it twice.  Takes about 3 hours for our trees, twice a year (second time a month after the first, as I miss a fair few first time around)

    We have to bag up for fruit fly as well, my partner does that.

    My dads lemons would get skinned by the possums
    They would leave the whole lemon still attached bur with no skin.
    Delicate nibbling

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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