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need ideas and help for my cake stall…..please

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    mary dollmary doll

    I have put my hand up to run the p&c cake stall at our market day (at the kids school) in november. i havent run a cake stall before so i would love to hear from people who have….if i may i would like to run some ideas by you all and would love your input.


    do i get the parents to donate ready made cakes/biscuits/slices, or do i get the parents to donate ingredients.

    my biggest fear is that we do not have enough to sell

    what are the good sellers at a cake stall, or what would you like to buy at a cake stall

    is there anything else i should be worried about?

    thought about asking parents to make their fav family recipe

    maybe a few free tastings

    i have listed a few things that may do well

    choc crackles

    choc muffins

    honey joys

    toffee apples

    hedgehog slice

    coconut ice

    anzac biscuits


    fruit cake

    lemon slice

    thanks for any help or words of wisdom you can offer:hug:


    fruit cake

    lemon slice


    Hi Mary doll

    Definately get the parents to donate the food already cooked and ready to go. I found on our kinder stall (12years ago now) that the best sellers were, cakes, cupcakes and slices. Grandparents sometimes like to pitch in and cook for grandkids stalls as well. Good luck.




    Hi Mary Doll:wave:

    Just think what you would whip up for your own family.

    I find that people buy just about any home made stuff – scones, any cakes (patty cakes or full cakes) bread rolls (garlic, pumpernickel or wholemeal), custard/vanilla slices, pies, pasties (many grand-folks can make these) and any biscuits/slices.

    You probably will sell out on the day because it seems like so few folk bake anymore. :shrug:

    If you or somebody else can make big biscuits and store them in a large jar, you can sell them individually for a handsome price 50c – $1 each.

    Hope this helps

    bakingly yours

    Doc 😉

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    I used to belong to a Welsh choir. We used to run a stall selling all sorts of odds and sods, including cakes etc. Biggest seller for us was freshly cooked Welsh Cakes. We’d cook them on site and there was always a big queue. There would be a couple of folk rolling out dough and cutting and another one cooking.

    Don’t know if you want to give this sort of thing a bash, I can give you recipe and instructions should you wish.

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Dont forget the Toffee Apples :tup:


    I love bananna cake 😉 hell yeah – I know I would buy that 😛

    mary dollmary doll

    thanks for your speedly replies.

    i have now amended my list to include

    gingerbread men

    rocky road

    honey comb

    toffee apples

    fruit cake

    pop corn neclaces

    lady B- thats a great idea about the welsh cakes but we are not allowed to cook on site- or you guessed it i need to apply for another permit.

    I am very excited about the cake stall as home cooking is the thing i feel very passionate about.



    last year my children’s school had a cake stall at their fete and asked parents to bring pre made stuff. They had ooodles of cakes and slices etc. they packaged some of them up in sets (ie 6 patty cakes on a tray) to buy and take home and sold others loose (to gobble up on the spot).


    what a hedgehog, And for the savory lover, some quice tarts, pin wheels, cheese sticks (filo and parmasan)


    Don’t forget about the current regulations regarding full ingredient labels, including the date baked, and the packaging requirements. It can be a bit of a PITA, but I know that here in SA it is a requirement to list ingredients on all home-made produce for sale in much the same way as non home made eg: list of ingredients, from most to least in that order.

    It can be reasonably easy to do – at our kindy fete those of us who were going to bake were given a few plastic bags and trays plus a pile of blank lined lables, that way each family who was donating could write on the labels and wrap the baking according to the legislation.

    Bar cakes tend to sell better than round ones in my experience – not really sure why though! But it’s easy enough to convert most recipes for cake into the bar cake format.


    Vegemite scrolls (dead easy), shortbread in little cellophane bags with pink ribbons, cup cakes, fudge (in little cellophane bags …) a couple of really lush cakes with flash icing, fruit cakes/loafs, basically any sort of loaf cake (date and walnut, lemon, banana, fruit, you name it), hummingbird cake, carrot cake … the list is endless. You may need to supply recipes for the mums so they can work out how to do it, as cake cooking is not really something folk seem to do these days and you might just get quantities of white wings or coles-bought cakes otherwise.


    How come nobody’s mentioned Lamingtons? 😆

    Judi BJudi B

    I used to bake stuff for the Wildlife stall and I made caramel corn and when I started making it I would make about 10 bags and they sold out so quick that I would make 20 bags I just couldn’t keep up with the demand people would stop me in the street and ask for it between stalls.


    marigold wrote:

    How come nobody’s mentioned Lamingtons? 😆

    :lol::lol: maybe they are just a ‘given’. I am quite partial to jelly cakes too – same process but you roll them in liquid jelly mix before adding coconut! Scrummy – I buy some at the local shop all too frequently.


    marigold wrote:

    How come nobody’s mentioned Lamingtons? 😆

    :lol::lol: maybe they are just a ‘given’. I am quite partial to jelly cakes too – same process but you roll them in liquid jelly mix before adding coconut! Scrummy – I buy some at the local shop all too frequently.

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