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Need help to stop a cat using Herb bed as a toilet

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    I need help!, I have a small garden bed next to my front steps that i’ve put some herbs in but have noticed that the soil/mulch is dug up in places every morning, have found poo in the garden and some of my plants have just gone brown and died while others have been fine.

    I’ve tried sprinkling a bit of pepper in the dirt as this deterred my dog from digging in the garden but is not having any affect on the night time marauder :angry: any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Try powdered cinnamon – and use a LOT – in a band round the outside of the bed. Worked for me, but it may depend on the individual cat.


    Whilst cats are lovely companions for those who look after them properly they do cause a lot of damage. I have an unwanted regular feline visitor to my garden who likes the peaceful, cool & shady steps at the back of the veggie garden. She hides there in wait for her next kill of native ground dwelling birds & other indigenous fauna that I have pain stakingly spent years trying to restore habitat for. There is no sign yet of her disturbing the veggie garden in any way but her presence is no longer tolerated.

    Access to my garden is quite open so cat proof fencing is not really an option for me but maybe for you. Cats love Catmint so providing a separate area may help but of course that attracts and encourages the little buggers and you may get more hanging around your garden chewing the fat.

    Having pondered over this destructive interloper I have taken up arms against her in a serious attempt to keep her out of my patch. In no way do I wont to hurt or kill her but I have found a good scare keeps her away from what I think she considers part of her turf.

    As an introduced species I have no qualms in projectile encouragement to keep her on the other side of the fence. Passer byes may sense a feeling of etheric rage & hostility followed by a loud & stern bugger off and the sound of local limestone interfacing with the backside of dickhead the unwanted puss. So in the crochet words of Alf of Home and Away fame, “strewth women” you “flammin’ mongrel”, “jump the fence and keep walkin’.”


    I have two Kats and had the same problem,I looked at Kat detering stuff but they seemed full of chemicals which defeated what I was trying to grow, so when you can’t beat them join them.I bought a $2.00 litter tray and some litter and placed it next to the bed they were messing in,then slowely moved the tray each day untill it was out of the way,no more messing in the Herb bed :cheer:



    I have an elderly neighbour who was her wits end trying to keep cats off her garden and spraying on her glass sliding door at night.

    ORANGES! She now cuts up oranges and leaves them around the problem areas and bingo! problem gone. Another neighbour has an overabundance of oranges to help her out.

    Applebee :clap:


    I wonder if spraying the citrus/vinegar cleaner that some of us make would help? I too have heard that cats don’t like citrus.

    sue esue e

    i had the same problem but I just put lots of little spikey sticks all throught the area that they were using- they didn’t seems to like them in their little bottoms cos it worked!


    Yes, orange peel works. Eat oranges and put peel in the garden bed. 🙂



    What a wonderfully simple solution to a very annoying problem. :tup:

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    thanks for all the replies everyone.

    The oranges look to be a fairly simple solution and i like oranges so this will make the peel useful too, if that fails i’ll work my way through the suggestions and let you all know how it goes. :hug:

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Five days later… how are the oranges going?

    I’ve had problems with my cat choosing the gardens nearest to the front door as his preferred cat litter. Shooing him out hasn’t worked (we’re not always there to guard!). I heard tea leaves were a deterrant, but they seemed to grow mold and the cat didn’t mind. The cat has hever liked cat litter trays, but I tried that also, to no avail. The only solution that has worked here has been to dig up a bed he liked using (but further away from the door) and give it to his AS his cat litter. Works fantastically! We probably do need to sift it out at some stage, but thus far have added more soil, some cat garden friendly cat litter, and a few drops of pine oil (he has always liked pine trees) to keep it fresh. :laugh:

    I also like the idea of growing prickly plants to border gardens that need protecting from domestic animals…but haven’t actually done it yet.

    Is it your cat or a neigbours?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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