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Native or Feral Mice

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    I was working in the orchard a couple of days ago and while pulling up weeds at the base of trees I found some tunnels, then I saw a grey streak from the corner of my eye. My problem is I don’t know if these are house mice or a native. On inspection I found the out side covering of bulbs of a weed, Cape Tulip, I think. I was then careful not to disturb the tunnels in case they are a native species as I have read somewhere of someone improving the habitat for a native rodent because of their love of the weed bulb. I do not want to disturb a native animal but would destroy house mouse tunnels. My 90 year old Dad couldn’t remember mice digging tunnels at the farm when he was young, but is not sure. Can anyone help or direct me to where I might find help to determine what the little critters are?




    I watched an episode of ‘In the wild with Harry Butler” where he was discussing native versus imports and the only way to tell them apart visually is the two top front teeth have a notch in behind them where the bottom teeth strike on native mice! The imports do not have these notches!

    We are a fair distance from town and neighbours and there’s lots of mouse activity in our paddocks. We have lots of onion grass and they seem to delight in digging up the bulbs and transporting them into a sort of a larder before eating them. As long as they stay outdoors and away from what we’re doing, we leave them be….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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