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Native Fruit challenge

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    Hello, I’m running out of cool things to grow and would like to know if anyone knows of cool native fruiting plants that i could grow. Doesn’t matter if they ‘wont’ grow in south Australia, that’s the challenge!

    If anyone has seeds they want to swap/trade let me know!

    I have lots of plants and am keen to swap or trade.


    Ive got a fair bit of bush tucker but no seeds yet

    Davidson Plum, Burdekin Plum, Native Frangipani,Peanut tree, Lemon myrtle, Aniseed Myrtle, Native Tamarind,Plum Pine and black plum,beach cherry,macadamia as well as native grape and passionfruit.


    Daley’s nursery is the absolure boss of native fruit trees.


    Try this site:

    I’m in Adelaide, & I’m wanting to turn my front garden into a bush tucker garden. That way I’ll have some unusual things available to eat, that most people won’t realise are food, & will (hopefully) also encourage more of the native birds & insects.

    (& if it keeps the possums away from my vege garden, all the better!!)


    hey there, whats this about a native grape?

    any idea what its actually called and where I can get one


    we are in Adelaide and are having a go at the outback lime


    I have some quandong seeds that I picked up when we visited the Flinders Ranges a couple years ago but haven’t tried germinating them – apparently it’s a bit tricky! I have a lilly pilly tree in my backyard that I use to make jam, jelly and cordial.

    What plants do you already have, Russ? And yes, there is not really any limit to what you can grow in SA as long as you’re able to create the right micro-climate around the plant.


    I have a quandong growing at the moment but this was bought as a seedling from the State Flora nursery at Belair National park, I have heaps of seeds from ones we “haven’t” picked from the roadsides when we were living up near the Flinders, but I havent had much luck in getting any of them to germinate.

    You could get in touch with Joe from Joes Connected garden, I know they were selling a few different native fruit trees at the Sustainability Fair in Gawler a couple of weekends a go.


    Hey there sorry about the late reply. I have too many plants to list. I dont have any citrus. Ive got numerous types of grapes, banana, coffee, ice cream beans, chokeberry, josta berry, cornelian cherry, white/red/blck currants just to name a few.

    I was watching gardening Australia and one of the hosts spoke about getting a file and filing the side of the seed until you hit the inner part of the seed, which then allows water to enter.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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