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    Hi everyone, we are looking at setting up a small produce and poultry stand on the weekends out the front of our place, however really stuck as to a name, our last name is Scott, the town will be Grass Valley, not sure what to put on our labels and heading etc. any ideas greatly appreciated. What we were thinking of was ….. Produce and poultry?

    Thanks guys and gals for any help


    Lol what about “Great Scott! Amazing fresh produce and poultry” You’ve got a good surname and you want to do what you can to help people remember you! You could use some tartan on your label, even just for the border. Are you planning to design them yourself? You could ask local high school / tafe / uni students interested in design to submit ideas, with the best one winning a box of your goodies.

    Good luck with your future sales!


    Excellent, thanks for the ideas, just had a mental blank.


    No worries! Sometimes you’re so close to it all and busy with the big picture planning that those things just end up in the “too hard” basket. One of my boys does a bit of design work and I know that for him those sorts of projects were good things that gave him a bit of a start and something to put in his CV too. Have fun with it all!


    I have worked all of my life except when I stayed home with the boys when they were babies.

    I put myself through school for a better job.

    I did an apprentiship at the age of 15 till I was 18 to have it sent overseas so I went back to teachers college

    at my own expense.

    My sons have done the same. Youngest one started his appretiship only to be told by the owner of the repair shop

    as he has to pay him he is no longer wanted. This guy has done this to so many lads and still is doing it.

    S2 was lucky we knew a guy who owned the local Holden dealership and took him on and finished his time wiht him

    he was told to go on and get his Desiel paper work which he did.

    Eldest and middle boys both are managers at the Supermarket.

    As for getting rid of my car it is next to impossible I live 100ks out of the city. No reliable buses to take us there when we have specialst appointment. I work 15 ks away and starting at 5pm and finishing at 8pm its blacker then ink on the island, I work as a 2nd chef at a school camp.

    Even to get to the Farmers markets is a 20-30 minute drive.

    Granddaughter and I walk on nice days to and from school but as there are no foot paths its on the side of the road.

    We have families in our school who are doing it tough and just making ends meet and yet all they get is basics as both might have to work to make it. Yet there are others who have everything offered to them. One of the young mums husband was killed going to work and she found out the day after she was pregant with their 3rd child. She has since had him and is doing a coarse at home through her compter as like she said when he gets to 8 she will have to find work so she is getting in first.

    We are lucky the place we are renting is on a small acreage so we can raise our own cow and sheep, plus chooks but agian the feed has GST on it. Even having the animals slaughtered means GST as well.

    We are renting so I am not paying out for someone else to have the solar on.

    Christmas presents my son and I bought the kids had over $30 Gst on them.

    I know about all the fees and charges we are the most over taxed country in the world. SA has more then a lot of the other states.

    My parents used to live near Yatala Prison is SA and you always saw the prisioners out in the gardens and what was excess was sold at their stall out the front.

    I do not mind the elderly getting pensions they have earned it, they haveworked and paid taxes. They have brought this country up from the war years to the time now and if any one thinks they shouldn’t recieve just remember you will be their age soon enough

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