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My xmas sewing projects

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    Gday! Thought I’d share what I’ve been doing lately with my sewing projects.

    Here’s two buntings I made (one for an ALSer who ordered) and one for myself. So easy and fun to make.

    Here’s the original fabric bonbon I mentioned in one thread

    I made a few modifications and ended up with those… :shrug:

    There’s few more but I’ll need to finish them off and take photos, so will post here when I can – most likely next week… 😐

    Cheers! :hug:


    awesome 🙂 that bunting is so cool. I like the zig zag cut 😀


    nice darls

    wish i could get my finger out n sew some stuff together


    Hey thanks!

    My kids love them… :tup: Actually the bunting is the only xmas deco up at the moment – we will put the rest of xmas deco next week.

    I ve decided to make more buntings! :shy:

    Cheers! :hug:


    Lovely Darls. :clap:


    aww they’re gorgeous Darls! so lovely!



    I am the lucky one! I LOVE this bunting! It will become a family heirloom and decorate our place every Xmas. Thankyou Darls :hug: :kiss1:

    I am glad you put up a pic ‘cos my camera is broken ATM!


    You are lucky. I’m not really into decorating for x-mas but this kind of thing is very cute, and not all tacky tinsel.

    I might have to put in an order for next year 🙂 It is about time I started doing the x-mas thing for Oliver. :clap:


    :nod: Debby-lee. Oliver will love it, and in the long term, you’ll love watching him enjoy the decorations. It actually makes your spirit soar!!! hmm me thinks I might have to drag all the stuff out of my garage too! And I LOVE that bunting Darls…it’s gorgeous. I might find some christmassy material and some plains and make a few as well. very very lovely idea.

    did you reinforce your crackers with cardboard? or iron on interfacing?


    really nice… I especially like the green tartan on the bon bons… very pretty. DD was eyeing off the bon bons…. she has taken to sewing this last week and is avidly collecting project ideas.

    I agree with everyone else’s comments re the bunting….how classy! Now have another reason to add to the stash…Christmassy colours!


    They are just wonderful! Lucky E!!

    They are so much nicer than the tacky store bought stuff.

    Hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea for myself?:hug:


    They are just so pretty and christmassy (if there is such a word),you are so clever Darls:clap:


    My dh will not cope if I start any more craft project now, since we are moving in 3 weeks, but these will be at the top of my list for next year! The bunting is just gorgeous! Are you willing to share your pattern for the chistmas bonbons, darls? Would love to have a copy.



    Thanks for lovely comments. :kiss: for E’s.

    Yep sure go ahead and steal for it is not my own ideas anyway!

    Shadowdancer, yep iron-on interface

    Here’s my instructions for the bonbon incase anyone want to make anyway:

    Cut 10.5 x 9.5inches of main fabric and lining as well as pellon (I used iron-on pellon which I ironed it on the lining)

    If you want soft, then that’s it, sandwich them with fabrics facing together and leave space to turn it in out and sew it around. Then baste 1 and half inches from long side’s edge then pull it to scrunch it up and knot it then sew ribbon at bottom then tie ribbon around. Clear as mud? :tup:

    If you want stiff, then cut approx 8 x 4 inches rectangle iron-on interface and iron both interface and pellon on the lining then sew main fabric right side face down and leave space for turning it in out. And do the same as above for ribbon ends.

    However if you want the ‘open’ bonbon, then cut a curve approx 1 inch from edge using plate or whatever for curve – about 9 inches long … then do the same as above.

    Very clear as mud still? :tup:


    I might have to put up a tutorial on my craft blog, eh? 😉

    Oh Debby-lee, do put up xmas stuff. I am like you – didn’t really appreciate it but my kids just love them. In fact tonite, my 4yo son dicated my DH what to write in his Dear Santa letter! Cute! My DD’s so excited cos I told her we’d put up xmas deco tmw when she has her room and playcorner all tidied up. A good bribe to use 😉

    Just pick one good quality item per year for xmas deco – that way all looks just nice and ‘classy’, rather than brassy/tinselish n cheap, eh? I have to throw out many baubles cos they were cheap and started to break down :tdown: So told DD she gotta start and making heaps for the xmas tree… Keep them busy! :tup:

    Anyway, off to do more sewing…

    Cheers with thanks! :hug:


    Sounds like a plan. I would much rather decorations that were a little personal. 🙂 I promise, next year I will give it a real go 🙂

    We are taking him to the carols tomorrow night at least 😉 So he doesn’t miss out completely.

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