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    Hey everyone, just bought a 10.7 acre property at Hindmarsh tiers near Myponga in South Australia!

    Has a bore with access to some fantastic water! Licensed to irrigate the entire property if i choose.

    Its flat and 700m ish long and 80 ish meters wide. Its very much a blank canvas. The entire property is usable. It has an old dairy and shed on it as well as the bore pump shed.

    There are a few crappy Cyprus pines that probably wont last long as they don’t produce anything apart from some wind breaks.

    Old blue gum forest next to it which has just been cut. Blue gum forest to the rear of the property.

    Cant wait to begin designing my home and my own food forest!

    Any one live down that way thats also into that kind of thing send me a post.

    check it out


    That’s awesome Russ! I bet you can’t wait. Congratulations on your purchase. Any ideas on what sort of house you’ll build? Any other early plans for the property?


    well no plans re house. However it will be a eco friendly house. I like the rustic look mixed with some modern stuff.

    I’m in the process of looking at stand alone solar systems and waste management and will be self sufficient with water.

    ( if anyone can steer me in the right direction with any of these let me know)

    In the nearer future ill be concentrating on planning where im going to plant all my trees, if i plant them now i can hope for some fruit/nuts when we are done with the build. Also looking at where im going to put some stock and placing some trees that will also supplement some food for them, E.g carob, fig ect.

    I also want to start a humongous compost pile! ready for my plants, veggie patch and green house.

    Its a 5 year plan however im excited to get it started.

    Having the water security is fantastic.


    Congratulations on the purchase, Russ. I have family down at Yankalilla and Normanville. I love it down there.

    A few things:

    – Get a PH test done on the water. You can buy kits from your local hardware store for pocket change. I was recently at a workshop at Food Forest, a permaculture farm near Gawler, and they told the story of a bloke that bought a property down that way that had a spring fed dam. The bloke assumed the water would be brilliant. Instead it proved to be ridiculously alkaline. You can never be sure until you test.

    – Have a look into the architects and designers I linked you to in the other post. All are SA-based and most have been involved in some of the landmark “green” buildings around SA. Paul Downton and Ecopolis was behind Christie Walk on Sturt Street in the city.

    – I don’t know anything about your situation – how many of you there are, what your needs are, etc – but build the smallest house you can. Size correlates directly with cost to build, maintain, heat, cool, clean; impact on the environment… down to the amount of money you spend on and embodied energy contained in the stuff you choose to fill up empty spaces. I’m one bloke and have decided that ~20sq/m is enough living space for me. I suggest when it comes to designing, start with austerity and move up. Ultimately, all you need is a place to sleep, relax, work, cook, bath and go toilet. To do those things doesn’t require much space, remember that. I think any additional space you afford yourself should be scrutinised and justified carefully as it will cost you.

    – Are you familiar with permaculture? If not, go out and get Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison. Also read Essence of Permaculture (the entire free ebook is at this link). Read both cover to cover before ripping out, planting or designing anything. You just never know, that plant that you think is worthless could be producing a stack of yields. Consider attending the next next Permaculture Design Course hosted by Food Forest in April. I will probably be there working on my design for my property in Peake.

    – Most importantly. Have fun. 🙂


    fabulous piece of land! perhaps look at straw bale houses??


    I want him to build a straw bale house but I don’t think his wife is as keen on straw bale !


    Hey everyone, well i spoke to the missus about a straw bale house, she said she didn’t know anything about it but didn’t seem uninterested.

    So! i need more info….can anyone stear me in the right direction or know of a good website that we can look at?


    In a short space of time there seems to be quite the band of straw bale aspirants emerging.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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