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    Mauzi they are incredible. I can’t believe you do that in 15 min. That is astonishing :jawdrop: . :clap: :clap: :clap:


    Blue Wren, yes, you do have to get on with it. Maybe I will make a video once I get over the initial movement of these and our other crafts. Life is a wee bit busy at the moment πŸ˜†

    Thanks Matty Alan, I do love them.

    Andre, I do like to keep active πŸ˜† not much TV true :D: but glad you like them.

    kerrieb – crafts are quite a big thing in Tassie and there are lots of genuine craft options for sale. We are starting with the Hobart Showground markets, have booked in for the Ouse Craft fair, unfortunately missed out on the Deloraine Craft Fair which is huge but they closed their intake of stallholders in April so maybe next year, but also intend to go to Agfest which has a good range of craft stalls as well. We are also considering the Moonah Island Markets which is a three day per week market, but that might be too much for us with the farm to manage as well. See how it goes.

    Barefoot_misty – not sure how they would go in the heat but they would be better than most candles as they have a heat resistant glaze over the wax which acts in two ways, gives the porcelain look but also is a burn resistant substance, so it keeps the curls/twists ect protected and I presume this would also help the effects from heat. I would not recommend them being left in a sunny spot though.

    Mistyhollows – yes it is a bit of a push as you can feel the wax getting harder and have to make sure you are finished in time. Not too bad on the small candles, but the bigger you go the more organised you have to be. You need to be really sure of the pattern as you do not have time to mess about.


    …….still really have trouble getting my head around you doing that!! :ohmy: The patterns are so perfect.


    Thanks BlueWren, it is a lovely art expression as well as a practical candle, so pretty when lit as they glow all the way down through the carved sections.

    Basically you cut slices, twist, curl and make patterns, rejoining the wax where you want it to form the design. The cuts take some time to master as they have to be exact and getting them and the design even is the hardest part. I like experimenting with the colours to get different effects as well. Takes about a year to get that sorted, so we have lots of “seconds” around the house…never be caught without some form of lighting πŸ˜†


    :jawdrop: oh…my…gosh….. :jawdrop: they would have to be some of the best candels I have ever seen…. I couldnt have even imagined that was possible. that thought of burning one :ohmy: question, what to do with the outer bit once you have burnt the iner candle? can it be mealed down again or dose the coating stop this??

    ps. when you get that paypal, expect a big order πŸ˜‰


    That is lovely feedback Dianne. Thank you.

    Regarding the burning down they do take quite a while to burn down but if you want to keep the outside then when they have burned down enough to put in a tea light, you simply add one and replace as necessary (or any other candle really that fits for that matter) and then the outside stays permanent and lasts forever (well close to it :D:). This is usually done before they melt too far down.

    Looking forward to a big order πŸ˜† very encouraging.

    I am having a few nerves at the moment re if people will purchase them πŸ˜† pre market nerves πŸ˜† as we set up our first stall today ready for Sunday. It looks great but I forgot to take a picture so will get one and post it up after Sunday.


    Hi mauzi. Very lovely work! I hope the markets went well for you today…


    It’s funny coming along today and seeing this post after I have been watching youtube of people doing this. I know I don’t have the fine motor skills required for it.


    Hi all, The markets went well yesterday. We sold a number of candles, polytunnel books and I have heaps of potential orders especially for remembrance candles (which I am really happy about because it is of particular importance to me). Anyway, thought I would put up a photo of the stall.

    the beginnings of the woodwork.

    Iduna, it does take some learning and good fine motor skills (and is expensive to set up πŸ˜† as well) but I love it, especially in winter.


    Glad it went well Mauzi.I bet many folk had never seen candles like that before – I certainly hadn’t.

    Just a practical question……how do you dust them?


    Hi BlueWren, Yes, the feedback was lovely and most people had not seen that type of candle, and a few had seen them overseas. You use a feather type duster (probably the easiest) but even a soft cloth would be fine although a bit fidley.


    all i can say is freakin awesome


    Beautiful candles Mauzi. :clap: :clap:

    How skillful of you to be able to work so fast so well, like a couple of the others I to am gobsmacked. :jawdrop:

    I find the whole concept truly awesome. πŸ™‚

    Well done, and the very best of good luck for your business in the future. :tup: πŸ™‚


    PS: Obviously you are not the only talented one in your family, that woodwork looks lovely and I am sure functional as well. :clap:


    AWESOME, Mauzi that is incredible, You are exceptionally talented to be able to make such beautiful patterns!! I really didn’t expect to see that when I looked at this thread, given all that you already do on you farm!! Do you ever wake up in the morning and look at your work from the night before and think “hmmmm – don’t remember that!!??” – coming from someone who needs their sleep, and a good supply of it!!

    Packaging that up for post will take a lot of care!!!

    Well done you.

    :clap: :clap:


    hi friends I am new here

    I also like old simple things which have value. I am also going to make a Glass and cup. which is made of mud. Recently I have make a samples of glass and cup.

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