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    I am now making carved candles. Have been for a while but ready to take them out now. It has all been busy down here in Tassie between the farm, writing, DH and his woodwork and my candles…We really are a holistic farm πŸ˜†

    Here are some photos.

    an example of some of the styles

    This is a larger candle about 10 inches

    And a wedding set.

    Basically I make a core candle, dip it in about 30 odd dips of coloured waxes and then carve it while it is still warm and before it goes hard again and then it is dipped in a glaze that makes it look like porcelain.

    Hard to do, but fun.


    I am also doing some remembrance candles. Some here will remember that my little dog Sparky got taken with a snake a few months ago and also that my Dad died last year.

    Hope you like them.


    They are beautiful.


    mauzi, they look beautiful.


    They are amazing! How are you selling them?


    Thanks Ballamara, Wally333 and Melrose.

    Melrose I am taking them to market starting this Sunday and I will be selling them from our websit once paypal is finalised. Until then I am taking orders via email


    :jawdrop: :jawdrop: How can you possibly carve something that intricate and even by hand??

    …and felting too I suppose? Do you ever sleep?? :ohmy:


    :clap: They’re amazing Mauzi, gorgeous :clap:


    Wow :jawdrop: You are so talented! Love them. Hope you sell them all at the market! How much are you selling them for? And how long do they take to do?


    BlueWren, I have not been sleeping lately πŸ˜† too much going on in my head, never mind physically.

    Thanks Bel.

    Bandicoot Valley, I hope I sell them too, now is the scary part as to if people will buy them :D:

    They range in price from $20 for the small square ones $30 for the six pointed small, $50 for the medium star, $55 for the wide top medium star, $75 for the Large and $99 for the extra large – phew . Remembrance candles are $10 extra due to the supplied photo being sized, waxed and added to the candle. Wedding sets are made up of the various sizes, depending on what people want. How long is difficult to say as first the cores have to be made via a mold (and then setting time) and then there is a lot of set up time as it takes a number of hours for the wax vats to be prepared(and clean up time I might add). They are dipped 40 odd times into various waxes and the actual carving has to be done very quickly before the candle begins to go hard again. You only have between 5 and 15 minutes (depending on size) to complete all the carving so that can be a bit tricky …certainly no distractions can happen in that time πŸ˜†


    TRICKY?? :ohmy: Do you actually have to carve all those swirly curly bits and in and outs from a solid candle by hand in 5 – 15 minutes?? Would be fascinated to see a video of you actually doing it.

    Matty Alan

    WOW! Those look great. I never even thought about taking it to that level.


    :whistle: Obviously.. FAR to much time on your hands.

    No TV down there? :laugh:

    :tup: Seriously though, truly amazing :clap: :clap:


    They are really, really good. The price for the work is quite reasonable. Do you have good craft markets that are geniunely handmade ones near you. I’d think they would a good option to sell them at.


    Mauzi, they are gorgeous. How do they hold up in the heat? I find most candles melt here in summer.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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