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    Well, just going to come out and admit today, I had a shocker!!!! :ohmy:

    I made a 3kg batch of, well, crappy disaster is all I can think of calling it. :shrug:

    Well, I used Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Shae Butter, Canola and Soyabean… mixed together at the correct temps, and voila.. steaming heap of smoosh, that went on steaming, right on through gel, and out the other side, within 10 mins :blink:

    It was all I could do to use the potato masher to incorporate anything into it, and sludge it by the boatload into the mold, and firm it down.. lets just say.. doubt I should have even bothered.. and that there is still half of it in my pan, cause it was too far “hard” to get out!!! and OMG was it HOT!!! Burned my hands through the gloves :laugh:

    So, over 10 years of soapmaking and only enough “oops” moments to keep me in check, I think this one was well placed to keep me on track! πŸ™‚ I guess that now I’ve done the oops, I might think a little bit more about my combinations of oils. NOTE TO SELF… Bulk Palm Kernel Oil IS NOT a good choice! πŸ˜†


    :wave: SD, sorry to hear you had such a big Ooops :hug: Im sure the next batch will be perfect, just chalk it up to ‘one of those days’ πŸ˜‰

    Liz πŸ™‚


    Not kidding, it was ONE of those Days. LOL. All I could do was absolutely laugh!!!! as I was smooshing it in the molds, I was laughing soooo hard… that stuff was hot hot hot!!! and I was giggling.. Stupidity is what it was, and I couldn’t believe I was still doing it. lol. Just had to share! πŸ™‚


    Yep I have had one of those days when soap making about four weeks ago. I do mine hot process in a slow cooker and took my eyes of one batch for a nano second and over the top she went…grr. Wont be doing that again in a hurry.

    I can so totally sympathise with you, especially when trying a new recipe or combination of oils. Maybe three hard oils to two soft might have been too much for it.

    I am just imagining you wielding fated masher in hand and smashing the soap into submission. Kind of like a lion tamer…rofl :laugh: :laugh:



    Thanks for sharing the ‘oops’ Shadowdancer, it shows those less experienced like myself that all the precautions ARE necessary. :clap: :clap: :clap:

    And commiserations over the experience and your hot hands. :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Happy day,

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    ok, so here’s how it went… heated said oils, and mixed lye and water outside, and waited for both to come to good temps to mix.. so this is where it all went’ well, rather…. didn’t go according to plan. πŸ™‚

    Mixed the caustic into the oils, and voila.. went instantly hard, and was grainy… so.. Next step.. PANIC!!!!

    Grab the stick blender, put it in, and whizz.. but push soooooo hard down, cause by this stage, it’s set like a brick… :ohmy: do your mightiest impression of the strong man at the circus, to extract said stick blender!!!!

    Now… envision piles of steam!!! “like it’s boiling” steam, and in between fits of maniacle laughter, me with a potato masher in hand, giving the pounding of a lifetime to get the thing pliable…. OK… not working?? right… plan B? um… anyone got a plan B??? right… keep smooshing and shove anything and everything that you had measured out for combining at light trace… HMMMMM smoosh smoosh smoosh!!!

    Turn pot upside down… and shake really hard!!!! and whatever falls out (which at this stage isn’t much) and cram it down into the molds. LOL.

    Lesson Over! Giggling aside.. it was an experience in how undertoned my arm muscles have actually become!!! :tup:

    and the soap??? what soap??? that building brick that bubbles in the rain?? well, lets just say, it’s an awesome door stopper!!! :laugh:


    Funny, I had my first seize with Palm Kernel Oil too. I couldn’t believe how rock hard it became and yes, very hot. I was using the Palm Kernel from Heirloom and it is granules. A while ago I bought PKO in its more natural state (like palm oil) and that worked just fine. Sorry you had such a disasterous day but you’ve got a lovely sense of humour about it, which is great to see.


    Yes, mine too was the granular type…took an absolute bloody long time to melt and OMG… I don’t need to tell you. :laugh:

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