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    Hi all

    Anyone know where I can buy it from (apart from spotlight apparently)? My daughter and I were going to make some blackcurrant cordial tomorrow but all the recipes call for it to be strained through a sieve (which I can get at Woolworths) and then muslin (which I’ve never heard of). Is the muslin essential?


    chareaves, if the recipe requires muslin, you can use any slightly open weave clean material.

    Forest Raven

    I’ve recently made raspberry cordial, and only used the muslin (double layered). Any fabric shop should be able to help you locate it. It is a loose weave cotton, very thin and you can see through the weave. Often used for making light baby sheets/wraps I believe. I got mine at spotlight ages ago (had to ask them to point it out to me!) for about $2 per metre. It is best made up into a bag or overlocking the edges, as it does fray. I didn’t as my overlocker wasn’t set up and I just wanted to get on with the job. Therefore my piece won’t last for long. But it’s a stert and I have more!

    I think you can’t get away without the muslin without getting seeds in your cordial. Though I’d say you can get by without the seive. Alternatives to muslin may be cheesecloth, but I don’t really know because I don’t know what cheesecloth is! Or any fabric which liquid can flow through pretty easily, say like an old (but clean) sarong? Remember your blackberry syrup will be thick and syrupy. My recipe said don’t squeeze, lest you get pulp. I squeezed, and I think next time I’ll even squeeze (carefully) a little more.


    LOL FR cheesecloth is also a fabric a bit thicker than muslin.

    It was very fashionable back in the ’70’s as a cool fabric to wear usually as peasant blouses with embroidery on it.

    I have noticed it making a come back.

    Or it could be the cloth used for straining cheese.


    I’ve successfully used calico or any cotton material. It might go a bit faster thru the muslin, but the end result won’t be much different I wouldn’t think. If you squeeze you will get some pulp through and the mix will be cloudy rather than the clear liquid if you just let it drain. It’s really a personal thing, for looks (eg gifts) clear is lovely but I prefer to have a bit of pulp in mine too.

    Good luck with your cordial making!


    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for your replies. That’s all really helpful! Will try and get something together and give it a whirl tomorrow.


    You can use old or new pantyhose as well. 🙂


    or chux


    Or maybe new panty hose. I have a friend who strains her milk through knee high stockings and it works a treat.


    I use a very well worn and washed, very old pillow case cut into pieces. :tup:

    Stockings sound a wonderful idea, I use stockings to cover kefir but never thought laterally to use them for straining stuff. :blush: :blush: :blush:



    i agree pantyhose works when you do not have anything else

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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