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Mulberry tree cuttings

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    I cut 3 new little branches off our very young mulberry tree. They were just the shoots from too low down the trunk…about 5 inches long I guess. I took off all leaves except two and sunk them well into a pot of dirt with lots of nodes under the soil.

    Has anyone had success with this? Will they bear fruit if they actually grow into trees? cow2


    I don’t see why they wouldn’t grow and bear fruit. Just check your parent tree. Is it grafted? You’ll see a knobby bit on the lower part of the trunk if it is. If it isn’t grafted, then you’ve got a good chance of it growing. The only problem may be the timing. If these don’t grow, try again in another season.


    Thanks Rhonda, will do. I’m having the best luck ever with things sprouting and ‘taking” lately so maybe they just will grow!

    The mulberry was the most expensive of all the bare rooted fruit trees we put in last winter…I think it was $35 or more…..all the others were about $16-$18 except for our walnut which was high 30’s as well, hence we only got one of each 🙁

    Will definately be getting many more this season.


    Hey Tully

    They are normally grafted but I have stuck the prunnings from ours into moist potting mix and got about 80% strike rate. i have since potted them on and they are going mad. Being in the biz i can get most stuff wholesale so our mullberries for the drive only cost $7 each for 4 foot high trees (they have almost doubled in size in 12 months) The drive trees are Hicks Fancy but we also have several white mullberries (I got them by mistake) in the orchard. I have to remove fruit from the mulberries every few weeks to get them to focus on root/branch development.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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