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    Soooo… I don’t even know where to begin! We’ve made the big move… back to the country… back south…

    We’re just renting for now… until we can sell the house… in the burbs… “It’s a buyer’s market”, people keep crowing… “don’t sell your house now!”… “it’s worth ‘heaps’ more than you’d get for it now!!” This is the illusion of the ridiculous WA mineral boom that has fueled the prices of our land beyond normal expectations to ludicrous and ridiculous prices… we don’t want a ‘ludicrous’ price for our house… we just want to move back to a simpler life… a more self sustaining life… a life that we can be proud of living!

    It’s the right time for our family though… the little lad is starting kindy, the lil lass is 8… we have maybe one more year before the pre-adolescent bulldust that comes with the age would just complicate the whole scenario… we want him settled for the start of his school journey, and her settled before the hormones kick in 😉

    So the timing is perfect for our family… but financially, and in every other way… we would have been heaps wiser to sit it out in the city and wait for our house to sell… before embarking on the journey back to the simple life.

    So we’re renting for now… until the house in the city sells… and already I’m planning wild and wonderful mandala gardens on the 4acres of earth we’re borrowing.

    Having said that, I’m missing my ridiculously fertile biodynamic soil I’ve left in the city… I’m missing the ease of public transport and the convenience of everything being a short bike ride away… I’m missing my fantasically productive (albeit small) garden that provided at least 70% of our fruit and veg needs (and we ate A LOT of fruit and veg) in less than 600m2.

    I didn’t realise or didn’t appreciate how ‘set up’ we’d made ourselves in the city… an urban sustainable oasis!!! I know that in time… with a little more land at our fingertips… we’ll create something beautiful… a perfectly synchronistic pangalatic blast of self sustaining goodness :ohmy:

    But for now… my heart is aching for the little patch of earth I have tended with such care for the last little while in my life… whilst simultaneously jumping for joy with the excitement of what lays ahead.

    I apologise for the contradictions…

    I’m so excited on the journey we are embarking on… and I almost can’t contain myself, what with the visions and the plans and the beautiful dreams that lay ahead….but it is an unknown journey with an unknown destination…

    I guess I just need to allow myself to grieve for the life we had in the city… which was surprisingly rewarding… before I can fully embrace the life we have dreamed for so long… back here in the country.

    It will be easier when our house is sold, when the proceeds are in the bank, and when we can put an offer in on our little patch of paradise… then there will be something to dream toward… not liking the limbo very much :whistle:

    Enough said :blush:


    Sounds like the kind of house (and garden) a knowledgeable buyer will snap up. All the hard work has been done for them. Good luck with the sale. Maybe once you have that money in your bank you can dare to dream about the next stage.

    I do sympathise.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hello Erthgirl 🙂

    Wow all those emotions!

    I think acknowledge that you miss your city house, by all means.. but that is not your home now. Focus on the positives, which I am sure you are mostly doing.. and yes, plan for your next home. You made a paradise before and you will again!

    Most importantly don’t forget to live for now 🙂



    I don’t believe what land agents tell you about timing to sell. A friend sold our place back in 99 and never said a word about the coming boom, his wife said after he should of told us to take it off the market and wait. We sold 6 months before prices went through the roof.

    Just after we sold a young girl was killed on the road behind us it went down the gully and up the other side. It was known locally as the Big Dipper. Council suggested we close our windows so we won’t hear the cars screaming up and down all night. drove us mad.

    When you are ready do move and it is best before kids are too old to cause problems. when we moved to Tassie in the 80s our eldest was nearly 15 years old and caused us no end of problems I should of just sent him back to his grandmothers and stayed. Our youngest 2 didn’t want to leave Tasmania. but between MIL passing away and hm not gettigna job and son causing problems we moved back to SA. Now the same son said he would like to move back there as its a better lifestyle for his daughter how the times change.:woohoo: :ohmy:


    Do you know what?? Big learning lesson this past week…

    We went back to visit our old home in Freo last week… And although the garden and ‘space’ I created there is still beautiful… there’s one thing it’s lacking. It’s lacking me, my family… our ‘soul’.

    We were so happy to return back south to the country… to our new homeland… and a place we hope we can stay til the end of our days.

    We’ve found our patch of paradise… and have put an offer on (subject to sale of our home in Freo.)

    And it looks like someone has fallen in love with our home in Freo, as this very day, they are putting an offer in…

    Gotta love the universe for how it all works out.

    In just 3 short months… we’ve let go of our city life, fully embraced the community and all that this area has to offer… (and indeed all that we have to give to the community.)

    The kids are happy at their new school… they are thriving. We are thriving… looking forward to deals being finalised and hopefully moving to our farm in the near future.

    Until then… the 4 acres we are renting is absolutely glorious in this yummy autumn weather.

    Woo hoo people… woo hoo! :hug: :clap: :tup:


    :wave: Erthgirl, must have missed your post 3 months ago. So happy to hear that everything is falling into place for you and your family and you seem pretty happy with how things are turning out. An exciting time is a head, enjoy it. 🙂 and keep us updated.


    So what’s the latest on all of this, or is there an update in some other thread that I haven’t got to yet?

    Fully understand the emotional rollercoaster with the long transition stage. Our transition was over 2 years! A person really needs something tangible about them to attach their dreams, plans and aspirations to!

    As far as buyers or sellers markets – if you’re selling and buying in the same market it doesn’t matter at all which way it’s trending as long as the sell and buy are not too far apart from each other!


    I was wondering how all this went as well. I missed the original post but hope all is well and you are settling in to your new home. If you have time, can you let us know how it all went.

    I agree Snoopy, we sold at supposedly an impossible time in two weeks and we bought again, with a reduced rate so all in all got a great deal. When it is time, it is time. I always say “what price do you put on peace of mind”.


    Thanks for checking how it’s all going Snoops and Mauzi! :hug:

    Well… where to begin.

    The people that put an offer in on our house, couldn’t sell their house… which meant we had to let the offer on ‘our’ dream farm go… so it all fell through…

    But that’s OK… wasn’t meant to be right then and there.

    We’ve rented out our house in Freo to the most glorious tenant in the meantime. In return for reduced rent, she’s agreed to keep the house looking shmicko and have regular home opens… she’s just lovely, and is looking after hour home beautifully.

    Since then… the owners of the farm we wanted (and still would LOVE) to buy, came to us with a proposal… that they would buy our Freo house for the full asking price, if we would buy their farm for the amount we offered initially!!

    I know hey?? Pretty BIG sign here… it’s all meant to be! You would think!!!

    BUT… (there’s always a but), a few years ago we bought a little investment property… which has dropped in value with the GFC etc… So we owe more on that investment loan, than the property is worth…

    which means we are just slightly short on the ‘security’ for the farm loan.

    The bank is deliberating… we are looking at all options… It will be a stretch…

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Until then dear folks… we’re still happy renting on our little patch of paradise… enjoying all the region has to offer…

    :hug: :hug:


    Thanks for the update. That is certainly an interesting tale. I really do believe in “meant to be”. Some years ago we put our place at the time on the market and similar story to you, we had another place lines up, shook hands on the deal etc and then our sale fell through, we had to pull out of the other place and a week later a fire went through and burnt out the other place completely. If we had signed the contract, we would have been in real trouble Anyway, to cut a long story short after that, we through everything in the air and even looked overseas …. it came down in Tassie and here we are now, so much happier with this decision and everything has flowed amazingly since we have been here, so for us, what seemed like a disaster at the time was “fate” stepping in.

    Good luck with it all, I am sure it will all work out in the end.


    So many similar stories. We’re having to sell our city unit at the moment and are being told it’s the wrong time to sell and all that. But we also want a simple life. It’ll be nice to just have our country block and not worry about tenants etc. thanks for the update earthgirl.


    Bank said… “Nah… don’t think so!”

    Ah well… we’ve got our health, the love of family, a beautiful life… our places on the market are rented out in the meanwhile, which eases the financial burden of mortgages…

    So we’ll keep renting and save save save.

    Won’t be long… and until then we will just keep on counting the many blessings that grace our lives.


    ahhh Freo, I miss freo.

    I hope your house sells soon and that you find your new home too


    I hope that all works out best for you and yours Earthy XX M


    Damn. So close that you could almost tatste it, and now gone! Maybe your lottery ticket will do good for the extra collateral you need?

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that something even btter (and within budget) comes up very soon!

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