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Mouth ulcers

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    I`ve heard a very simple remedy for mouth ulcers,but can`t recall.I seem to think it may be to put vegemite on it.(Its used to clear up skin ulcers)

    Cold Sores==I`ve battled with for years .& used just about everything going. Used to dose up on Lysine @ first sign,which worked to some extent. An old chemist put me onto “Spirits of Camphor” a 10% BHP formula which the chemist has to mix.(15/25mls). Apply this with cotton bud @ first sign,& @ every tingle, & they usually disappear,quickly. You may be questioned about WHY you want it (Dont really know the reason,maybe its used in some sinister way).Its by far the best I`ve found.


    Judi B: I don’t often get cold sores these days, but when I do, the moment I start to feel the tingling and clue into what’s happening – I rub an ice cube over the area, and keep gently rubbing it over the area until it gets quite cold but not too long or it’ll burn. So far I haven’t had an outbreak.

    No doubt the info already given for treatments and preventative measures will be more beneficial in the long haul, but just thought I’d share an old wives tale I was told years ago. Maybe others have heard of it too.

    It works for me :metal:


    B Co forte – taken regularly will help to prevent both mouth ulcers and cold-sores. (and geographic / cracking tongue too).

    Don’t take in the evening, or you may not sleep well.:)

    Guess that’s why vegemite works – helps correct low B vitamins.

    It is a particular one of the B vits that is the remedy but I can never remember which one and you are supposed to take them all together anyhow, or they get out of balance or something:confused:

    As a matter of interest (mine), do you people who suffer badly tend to avoid red meats?

    Judi BJudi B

    KatieK I know about the ice but it is of no use when you are on the road travelling , I just refuse to buy him an ice block at every shop 😆


    Hi everyone,

    my daughter suffered from terrible mouth ulcers constantly, she was put on iron supplements but was still getting them, she wasn’t absorbing the iron, the doctor tested her for coeliac disease, the test came back negative but still put her on a gluten free diet and she has not had any problems since

    A symptom of coeliac disease is recurrent mouth ulcers, don’t know if this might help anyone



    Marigold, I certainly don’t avoid red meat. Probably eat more of it that white/poultry actually. I don’t have iron issues either.

    Kel2em, there are lots of different types of iron supplements, and the crappy tablets that you get in chemists (and prescribed by Drs) is usually one of the forms that is poorly absorbed. I think it’s iron III something or other. I know your DD has a diagnosis now, but for the record there are some much better, more bio-available supplements available than ‘those tablets’, such as Spatone and Floradix.


    When I was young (a long, long time ago) I always had mouth ulcers and cracked lips. During a dental checkup the dentist commented. He advised me to take Zinc and Vitamin B. It worked for me.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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