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Mouth ulcers

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    I am wondering whether anyone knows anything that can help reduce the occurance of mouth ulcers. I get them regularly. Often I get multiple ulcers at the one time. Then I have trouble stopping myself from chewing on them or worrying them with my tongue (that sounds more gross than it really is).

    There’s so many people here, so maybe someone else has experienced the same things and has ideas for managing them.

    Thanks heaps.


    We used to get lots when we were kids and mum made us rinse and gargle with salt water. We seem to have outgrown them though, annoying things.


    Clove oil is supposed to help with that kind of thing (also toothache) Not sure of the quantities or anything – hopefully some other more knowledgeable person will be able to give a bit more info!

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hey Andy,

    I have had loads of success with dabbing my kids ulcers with a little orange or mandarin essential oil. Pour a drop on a cotton bud, they are considerably smaller by the following day.

    Try boosting your diet with some vitamin B :tup:


    I had mouth ulcers really bad as a kid and I was made to eat more onions as a preventative and milk of magnesia as a cure when I did get them. Apparently onions have a lot of sulphur which is good, but also may explain my gold medal flatulence ability.

    Judi BJudi B

    I used to get them but must be getting older haven’t had one for a long time.

    I have used the salty water, dab of oil of cloves and bi carb soda at one time or another.

    Don’t want to hijack the thread

    Anyone got an idea on cold sores bought on by stress everytime we have to go to Brisbane DH breaks out and takes weeks to get over them.


    ReidAlderbrooks – HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    What has Vitamin B in it?

    I will get some clove oil. Need to buy some anyway because apparently it’s the only thing that kills mould (wonder whether I have mould in my mouth that makes the clove oil work on ulcers 😆 )

    Sorry Judles – no idea on coleslaws. Am so glad I don’t get them because then I’d have inside & outside mouth annoyance.


    Mouth ulcers are usually caused by an irritaion to the mouth lining – like rough teeth brushing or a bad chewing action that catches the side of the mouth.

    Another major reason is a lack of Vit B 12 and some say folate as well.

    A great source of vitamin B is Vegemite!!

    Also most breads and cearels are high in B group vitamins

    Zinc is also really good to help clear them up. Zinc lozenges are great to suck on to help the healing


    Herbman, I have no idea, but I get mouthfulls of them at any one time too so I really sympathise. I get coldsores on my lips and in my nostrils too though, so I want some sympathy back 😆 Watch the clove oil… it doesn’t kill mould, it only inhibits its growth. You can’t spray it on mould and expect it to go away. But if you clean mould off walls and then spray them with a 5% dilution then it should help slow down the repeat performance (I’ve just moved back from the north 😉 )

    Judi B, I get lots of cold sores too; I’ve had nine on my lips so far this year and about four sessions of them in my nostrils too (they coat the inside completely) 🙁 Definitely stress related here too. Lysine is definitely a useful supplement to take, with a double-dose once a cold sore has set in. You can also take it as a preventative so it may be worthwhile your husband taking it daily if you know a Brisbane trip is coming up. Yes Zovirax is effective but I think it only works once the wound is open. Likewise with bergamot essential oil. That dries them out very quickly, but they need to be wet/open already. I am finding that the fastest way to get rid of them is to a) stop the depressive thoughts (SOMETIMES I can snap myself out of ‘woe is me’ and the tingling/initial lump goes away by day 2 🙂 ) b) start taking mega doses of lysine as soon as I’ve acknowledged the familiar tingle (it’s amasing how I try to ignore it every time, and it takes me hours to click what’s going on! c) if a blister has got beyond steps a and b 😉 I pierce it with a pin, press down with a piece of tissue to get as much fluid out as possible, which reduces its size, then I start applying bergamot or Zovirax. I can’t stop them coming, or rather I haven’t been able to this year because of my lifestyle (been miserable for many months – hopefully moving back to Toowoomba will have changed that 🙂 ) but lysine really does lesson them, and piercing them and treating them early does reduce their duration.

    sue esue e

    one of my kids used to get terrible,huge multiple ulcers so bad that the glands in he rneck would swell and she needed pain relief. dr had no idea so took her to a naturopath who said she was lacking in ironafter doing a iridology reading so put her simple kids Accomin. She has hardly had one since. gets an occasional one but nothing like what she used to.usually around exam time.

    judi b i found taking lysene has all but stopped my coldsores. used to get them regularly every time i got a bit stressed or run down even a bit of hayfever would bring one on. but haven’t had any to speak of since and the couple i have had have been much less severe.:D


    My Mum used to get terrible mouth ulcers and coldsores frequently. I talked her into using a strong vitamin B supplement for the immune boosting properties and because B vitamins are depleted by stress.

    Secondly, I nagged:lol: her until she bought Zovirax for the coldsores, it is important to use it from the first tingle of a developing outbreak. These days she hardly ever gets a sign of either problem unless she is rundown due to illness like flu. Hope this helps, I know how Mum used to suffer:(


    I usually take a zinc tablet for a couple of days if I know I am getting an ulcer. Seems to stop it progressing, really notice the difference the next day.


    I used to get heaps, I found putting straight salt on them helped clear them up quickly, stings though. I always found that they occured when I was stressed or rundown. Funny you made me realise I’ve hardly had any for years, another one of those annoying things that I don’t get much since finding out that I can’t tolerate gluten.


    Hey Herbman – I suffer from the bloody things with monotonous regularity because I have short teeth. Consequently almost any hardish food like unpeeled apples, toast, fried foods, raw vegetables etc will almost always set one off unless I’m very careful in my chewing and placement of the food when I bite it.

    Like someone else has mentioned I find vegemite to be fairly effective. It stings like buggery at first, but I put up with it because I love vegemite and it really does seem to help.

    I also suffer from cold sores like so many others. I’ve taken L-Lysine by the bucket load and while it did lessen the number of outbreaks if taken every day, it didn’t lessen the severity when they did hit. Zovirax (and the generic equivalents) have been a Godsend, but like others have mentioned, you really have to get the timing right. I carry a tube almost all the time in my handbag and have one in our ‘tin’ and one in my bedside table.

    I have found the best defence for me is to use “Blistex Lip Conditioner” every night just before I go to sleep. I’m talking about the one in the little white pot with an SPF of 20. I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic or not, but if I forget it I will almost always get one the next day. It’s cheap and it works for me.

    I have also found that what may stop or cure one in the first instance rarely works the 2nd time. Once they are up though and at the point where they are so swollen they just throb and you have to stick a pin in them, I find some perfume or Isocol or something similar really helps to heal them a bit quicker than I would expect. Of course, drinking neat Vodka would probably have the same effect, especially if you dip your lip in it frequently and for long periods. The vodka works especially well when just removed from the freezer and preferably on a Friday night 😉



    Judi BJudi B

    Thanks about the L-Lysine will check with the specialist next time we are down there to check if it will be OK to take them.

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