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More mutant garlic?

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    Is it normal for elephant garlic to form little bulblets both from underneath (like potatoes) and out the side of the original bulb??

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    Hi Gumnut

    Yes it is normal, they’re called corms, we use them as an indicator that the garlic is ready to start harvesting when they change to a yellow/golden colour as shown in your pic.

    They are nice eaten raw (peeled of course 😉 )but tend to loose their flavour when cooked, they can be replanted but will take a long while to shoot if they aren’t soaked for a day or so before planting, at best you will end up with small ’rounds’ which can be replanted the following year, for us, it’s not worth the effort, but it does seem like a waste, we would throw out more than 50kg of corms each year, I believe they are a delicacy but at this stage there is no market for them. :shrug:



    Had to give up on the elephant garlic as those little corms seem to just pop up everywhere and take over.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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