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    We named our last property Gum-Tree Run and it looks like the name has stuck for the new property we recently bought in SE Qld.  I thought I’d keep an update here on ALS so others can see what we’re getting up to as it never seems to end or we just don’t seem to take a rest.  We love our animals and gardens and have downsized from 4 acres to 1.5 acres.  The new property is on quite a slope (especially down from the orchard in the pictures) as we are in the mountains. It presents new challenges to us in creating our gardens.  It was let go wild by the previous owners (except for the orchard in the pictures) so we have quite a bit of cleaning up to do in other areas of the property.

    Dh has recently finished building our new chicken run/coop at our new house. Initially, we weren’t going to build the run and just let them free range but a neighbour had a hawk take a duck from next to her so we have built the taj mahal of chicken runs!  I thought I’d share this here as I also posted it on gasp…facebook lol.  We have 5 chooks currently in the run but it could easily take many more.  We’ve been planting inside the run fruit salad trees, dwarf citrus, pigeon peas and arrowroot.  I thought I’d try and create a small food forest in there as the other birds can’t get at the fruit from above.  The fruiting plants are all circled in mesh so the chooks can’t destroy them and so far happy days :-).


    starting from scratch is fun and exciting


    Nice chicken house MistyH! look forward to seeing the progress!


    Thanks for sharing.  Your run is great!  Depending on how much of your fruit trees you’ve ringed with mesh, you may also need to put something at ground level to stop them digging up the roots – I peg down chicken wire with a few tent pegs which seems to do the trick.  Looking forward to seeing photos of how you manage gardening on your steep block.


    So much nicer seeing it here MistyH, as we get the full version. 


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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