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    Posting this as I thought it was interesting. Just goes to show how a small change can have a big impact.


    That’s a relief .. I was wondering if, and how, I’d get rid of the mistletoe around my gums..

    trees, that is 😀


    Thanks Gumnut – that is very interesting! I have a heavily mistletoe affected Queensland Green Heart tree – very large tree, with huge balls of m’toe at the top, and I have been thinking of getting the tree guys in with their cherry picker next time the tree loses it’s leaves.So maybe I wont after all.I did recently remove all that I could reach, which was no small amount.I have a large bunch on an old stone fruit tree, easy to reach, but perhaps I should leave it be.

    And I do love the little black and red m’toe birds that do all the spreading of the plant! Their suspended ball shaped nests made from spiders’ web are exquisite! :tup:


    Finally! I’m a massive fan of the native mistletoes and it does seem to be really hard to convince people that one or two in a tree is not going to kill the tree.

    The mistletoe berries of some varieties are quite nice to eat-very sweet [and not at all poisonous!].


    I wonder how/why the English custom of “kissing under the mistletoe” at Christmas originated? Might investigate that.

    I did.Very interesting and goes way way back into various countries/ traditions,possibly even Greek and Roman and certainly nothing to do with Christmas!


    A great article, thanks.


    I like mistletoe and tried to get it to grow on some wattle as it’s the local host with no luck. I wanted to get the little birds into my garden. Dad managed to get some to grow though and I think the red and orange flowers on the one he has is really pretty.

    Judi B

    Our place used to be called “Mistletoe Gully” but the tree the sign was on fell over in a storm and the sign didn’t survive 🙁

    We have so many mistletoes growing here some red, some orange and even a white/pale green flowered one, some have long thin leaves others almost round …. I like mistletoe too :tup: but only when it is growing where it should and NOT on my fruit trees.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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