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    OOOOHHHHHH – headache!! Didn’t think coffee affected me that much but I have had a headache for the last four days in the afternoons except on that one day that I visited my sister and had a cuppa with her!

    :tdown: Maybe I won’t get a coffee bean tree!!!

    sue esue e

    haven’t had a drink since last Saturday night. hasn’t really been a problem but would’ve liked a nice cold beer after the couple of hot days this week. tonight is red wine night but am not gonna partake. it’s more a winding down ritual than anything else i think. 😀


    Thanks Kasalia – that cough mixture recipe sounds like it may be one I can get the kids to swallow – most home made ones are feral – eg onions soaked in honey, drained:rip:, omitting the details of holding nose and breath to take it and not being welcomed near other people while using it:lol::lol:


    My Dad swears by a mixture of garlic, ginger, fresh citrus juice and honey for colds and flu. Seems to help, I think.


    I have a recipe for hoarhound cough elixir, but if onions turn them up they would most likely run screaming from this from what I gather (apparently it is quite bitter). Still, it could effect an instant cure:lol::lol:


    narelleh wrote:

    I used to always buy a drink each time I went to town but 2 mths ago I stopped doing that and just take water everywhere with me in a larger bottle than I used to – it is not easy when it is really hot and I know that the water will be tepid but I did it for my waistline and our wallet.:tup:

    Narelle, we put a few centimetres of water in each water bottle and freeze them, then when we need a bottle for going out, we just top up with cold water. The ice lasts for a few hours and the water stays colder. Plus, on shopping days, the esky with iceblocks in it, is a great place to keep the spare water bottles cold :tup:


    Hows everyone going with there challenges?

    Still working my way through the pantry jars, some of the rice and pasta’s look and smell a bit sus so will be boiling some up and adding to the dogs mince each day.

    Will also be switching to tea instead of coffee as i have quite a selection of nice quality teas that i need to use up. I used to drink only tea and cant remember when or how i changed to coffee:shrug:

    I did buy my self a wonderfull little tea jiggler when i was in Tassy earlier this year and i still haven’t used it:shy:


    The jiggler:)


    How did we all go with this challenge? Are we ready for another?



    I’m still working my way through the pantry, I’ve used all the little odds and sods up in my small freezer before I have fresh summer veg from the garden. Managed to skip a shop by using stuff up.:tup:

    I’m working my way through stuff I normally stock for winter the heat snuck up a bit early this year so have heaps left. Any ideas for summery things to do with lentils, green split peas and polenta. I’ve been making bean salads and a nice tomato and chickpea salad to use up some of the winter dry goods.

    sue esue e

    so far i fell off the wagon once -the day i retired. had two glasses of red.suffered for it the next day though and don’t think i’ll bother this challenge has been good for me in that i have proved to myself that idon’t need alcohol in my life. so whenever i feel like buying a bottle of red i’m gonna put it towards something for the garden or the house.thanks for starting it up, osakasuz:D:D


    I think I survived six days without chocolate …. i may have fallen off the wagon on day 7 cos I realised I actually had money in the bank again ….:shy:


    Mine is long-term but I can’t see myself buying herb mixes etc again. The fresh stuff tastes great and I just need not to be lazy.




    Well I fell off the wagon :blush: :blush: Of course it’s not MY fault :whistle: :whistle: I HAD to buy curry paste and powder. And will need to for a while yet…..BUT…….we do have galangal and ginger growing now and are trying for turmeric.

    Also have Thai basil (or is it Thai mint? :S ) and spicy oregano. I have used the herbs with others in stews and stir frys and they taste great.

    Of course I went and dug the gingers yesterday and then googled them today and found they are both perennial and best used for home by bandicooting around the corms…..

    :S :whistle: :laugh: :laugh: .

    I use lots of homemade sauces and chutneys for cooking so that helps to give flavours to take the place of herbs I no longer buy.

    Another BUT though, I do buy the pickling herbs etc for the sauces and chutneys…

    …sigh…sigh….seems like the challenge never ends……..but life sure is not boring. :tup: :tup:

    Anyway it’s back out to the garden as soon as, and back into the ground go the base bits of the galangal and ginger and some of the extra bits. I shall give them a good talking to and of course they will continue to grow……….won’t they! :S

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Thanks for bumping this up again Bobbee. Will have to join in. Thinking cap on and will be back later

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 75 total)
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