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    Until the 4 of December I am going without gluten just to see how all the talk about it affects me. Hopefully I will lose weight in the process. So no Bread, spaghetti, buns, pizza, pies etc.


    Some more good ideas! Good on you all for giving it a go.

    Narellah, maybe you could help out some who haven’t come so far on the journey as you to find the things that a easier to give up in the beginning?

    My Wednesday item is non-local wine. DH brews all our beer, I have some Oztops to make fruity wines and kombucha, as Grumpy pointed out, is alcoholic if left long enough. So that leaves me with plent of cheery choices without resorting to a cheap bottle of WA cleanskin from the chain bottle-shop. Love the cleanskin, but it has high mileage! So Stanthorpe, Roma and Burnett wines for me as a treat from now on.


    I’ve been thinking about this and looking in my pantry I think I should try out roundthebends one and use up all the odd stuff I have and get my pantry a bit more organised as well. Things have a hbit of leaping out at me and DH can’t find anything (I think that is partly a bloke thing so he doesn’t have to cook as much). So until my pantry is looking better I will use one of the oddball ingredients for at least four meals a week.

    Porgey when you try gluten free if you really want to lose weight, try reading the fine print on all the jars for gluten containing ingredienats glucose, maltodextrin etc and eliminate those. It will take you until Dec to work out what you can eat. On a permanantly gluten free diet for health reasons I can tell you it is a pain in the neck.


    I would like to try doing without my microwave. I’ve been weaning myself off it, but I use it to defrost the dinner meat. I would have to get organised with dinner to do this one, but that would be a bonus!


    Narelleh, have you tried doing these things.

    Breadcrumbs from left over bread, water and milk icey poles on a stick, cough mixture,window cleaner,syrups, ginger beer, lemon cordial,lollies like coconut ice, toffees, fudge,turkish delight,etc,,ummmm peanuts, thats about all I can think of.:)


    Today i have dug out of the pantry a couple of jars …… 1 with a cup of shredded coconut and another with half a cup of raw almonds and peanuts.

    Will make a fruit crumble and add these to the crumble topping:D…………there are so many jars with a “bit of something” in to use up that if i can use them up over the next couple of weeks i will gain 2 shelves in the pantry.

    This is actually a bit of fun…………trying to get inventive on using up the bits and pieces instead of just chucking them to the chooks.

    Anybody got any ideas on how to use up besan flour ( chick pea flour):|


    I use the besan flour in Batters to coat veges…I made onion fritters the other night ..they were yummy .

    The batter which was made with besan flour , egg and water mix together , i then sliced onions very fine and threw in the batter making sure they are well coated , then fried big spoonfulls in hot oil comes out like a onion baji..


    rtb I have to agree with smiffy re using the besan flour, it is great for onion baji’s and other vegies like cauli and brocoli… yum yum…

    I’m going to start small with the do without, but I have decided to stop buying muesli bars and make them myself… my stepson who is a fussy eater loves the homemade ones and hubby has now taken a fancy to them as well….


    Hi rtb

    I use heaps of besan flour as it is gluten free. But usually blended with other flours as well. Just mix it in with your plain flour (maybe about 1/4 besan) and use it up in more savory dishes or ones with lots of spices. I like it as it has quite a low gi and high in protien a lot of the other gluten free flours aren’t. So things made with it seem to stop me getting hungary quite so quickly. It also makes gluten free pastry more workable. The flavour is a bit strong to use by itself in some things unless you are used to it.


    Just went googling to have a look at onion bahji…………………i know what i’m going to be using up out of the pantry tomorrow look and sound yummy:D

    Ta smiffy:tup:

    fluffy chookfluffy chook

    My daughter in law is gluten intolerant so I use besan flour for apple crumble topping for her:D


    My give it up for today is inspired by Herbman. Often I am tempted (and succumb) to takeaway coffee on the way to work (yes, I know it’s a vice). It is a mental struggle not to pop in and grab one on the two days that I drive past a particular shop. But, there is perfectly good coffee at work which I can put in my own cup. It’s not a delicious flat white, just instant, but it has much less impact. :tup:


    I make croutons and breadcrumbs from older bread. I make home made icy pole (from home squeezed juice for 6mths) already. I make syrups and cordials too. The only cleaners are 1 bottle of Orange power which lasts for at least 1 yr and bicarb, vinegar and eucalytpus and other ess oils.

    We only have lollies or sweets at birthdays in small quantities. I have not made ginger beer etc for many yrs but we do not use soft drink etc (except for 2 bottles at birthdays) so we cannot give up that which we don;t have or do……………….

    I will research cough mixture tho, that is a good thought cos we use cough mixture and it is not cheap……….maybe that is a challenge for me:tup:

    osakasuz – I like your suggestion and I do try to teach others a more simple way to live when they are open to such

    I used to always buy a drink each time I went to town but 2 mths ago I stopped doing that and just take water everywhere with me in a larger bottle than I used to – it is not easy when it is really hot and I know that the water will be tepid but I did it for my waistline and our wallet.:tup:


    More dried lentils and yellow split peas out of the pantry today, so dug out a ham hock out of the freezer and now have a big pot of pea and ham soup bubblng on the stove for lunch.

    Wll make some hamburgers with the onion bahji and salad for dinner tonight:tup:

    Hoping by keeping to my challange of clearing out the pantry that i can start the new year with all fresh stock in there and get back to rotating for freshess.


    :lol::lol:Hehe Narellah I was challenging myself to find you something you didnt always do:D Your very inspiring.:tup:

    Cough Mixture recipe from the PWMU cookbook (Presbyterian Womens something something)

    Equal parts of olive oil, glycerine, lemon juice & honey. make up small quantites and use as required.

    I am sure this can be improved on with herbs after watching Grow Your Own Drugs recently.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 75 total)
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