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    Hi all.

    I am restoring our metters no2 V woodstove and am wondering if anyone knows a business that deals in parts for these old stoves. i have located a business in WA but am a bit concerned about freight costs. For those that know wood stoves it is the model with the hot water unit on the side.

    We hope to get it going before next winter.


    I have a few spares, but they are mine, all mine Muhhhahahahaha 😡

    But seriously, I reckon you would be better off looking for another stove and cannibalising it or fabricating what you need if it is water jacket,fire box or cook box repairs.


    Scandia Stoves and Spares

    Lot 1 Melbourne Cres, Seymour

    Ph: 03 5792 2388

    These guys are local to me but unfortunately not to you. I can however highly recommend them. They have a huge workshop chock full of everything to do with wood fired stoves. What these guys don’t know about wood stoves is not worth knowing. They have and do restore every make and model you can think of. They are able to ‘make’ parts if you can’t source them second hand. They also make their own stoves.

    Great people to deal with and a great place to call in and visit if you’re in this part of Vic.

    Good luck with your stove.


    Can second Dot’s recommendation. We have dealt with them re parts for our Wellstood range. They are efficient and extremely helpful and don’t charge the earth.


    Thanks everone. will give them a bell once the festiveseason finishes.


    Hi I found your post through google. Do you still have any of the details of the company in Perth that restores Metters stoves? I’ve been trying to have mine restored and installed before it gets too cold here. Thanks.


    I have a Metters Ltd. Adelaide wood stove, on the bottom section it says Metters Improved No1. It is in need of rust removal, can I do this at home or does it need to be sent away? I just want to tidy it up and get rid of it.


    :jawdrop: 2 posts to an old thread at perzackerly the same time by first-time posters…..what are the chances of that?? :wave:


    Oh. Different dates :shy: Same exact time though 😆


    I think the place you want is


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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