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    Bubba LouieBubba Louie

    spanner wrote:

    Hi all,

    Is this meeting happening tomorrow? ie the 10 / 8 / 08 ???

    I was just given this great site by Jaymie as I was out at her place today checking out the fishy system … for those not yet privelaged to have seen it ….all I can say is …. WOW!!!! :tup::tup::tup:


    I am involved in the permie group here in townsville as well.

    If it is tomorrow ( or today if you are reading it tomorow!! heh heh) I might like to drop in and meet some ppl but ……..:shrug:

    If not I hiope to make further contact with you all at later stages.

    Cheers :wave:

    Are you the same spanner from the old GA forum? If it is you spanner there are people who would love to catch up.:wave::wave::wave:

    We have our own forum now with no mods.


    Sorry guys we can’t com now.:(:(

    We got a punctured tyre today so now we have no spare:@. It is something like 200kms to you so we cannot risk the 6 of us being on the road somewhere with another flat.:tdown:

    I am green with envy tho just from reading all the things that will be there to swap and see (and taste).:confused:

    Sorry Jenny, no catching up this time – next time??:hug:

    Harry, Spedcentral has worked from 10am till 8pm so he will be tired tomorrow anyway.:rip:

    Have a great terrific fun gtg everyone!:wave::wave::wave:


    Yes, slight slip up with the rtb brain today. i can talk – walked off with someone elses trolley in the stupidmarket today. WHen I looked down there was packet chocolate pudding, icy poles, yucky white bread. The poor chap was left with mine with 24 toilet rolls, 6 tins of tomatoes, 2 bags of flour, two pkts bicarb, Mungalli milk and two cauliflowers – a typical ALS shop.

    Never mind, the rtbs had a PERSONALISED tour of the ‘estate’ instead of having to fight their way through the crowd. Unfortunately, our other Inghamite won’t be there tomorrow either.

    Judy not only left plenty of plants, she also gave me the salad she’d brought so we’ll use that tomorrow. Also on the plus side – she gladly took some eggplant seedlings – or maybe she just took pity on me.

    FF PLEEEASE don’t worry about not having swaps. We were all beginner gardeners once so it’s no problem at all if you’ve not got swaps. We’re all glad to pass on our surplus – have some eggplant seedling!!.

    Look forward to seeing you all at 10.30 am


    Oh Bummer! <<<insert me kicking myself here>>>

    Sigh….., guess i’ll meet you all next time.



    I finally got a chance to get some pictures up from yesterday.

    Thank you so very much Helen for your lovely hospitality (as always :hug: ). Thanks to everyone for coming out too. It was great to meet new people, again (love it 😀 )

    Here is my lovely Alex, a friend of mine, Di, Harry and Lou

    Missy, Jenny and Matt

    Jenny getting ready to swot me 😉 and Harry laughing about it 😆

    Our lovely hostess, Helen


    Gee Jaymie a close up, come on,,,,,,,,, give me a break.


    I said she was getting ready to swot me! :lol::lol:


    I will swot you now………..


    AAAAAlllllllllleeeeeexxxxxx!!!!! Lee’s gonna swot me!!!!!!!!



    Thanks for putting the piccies up Jaymie:tup: feel like i get to join in the fun now:D:lol:


    Also thanks to Helen- it was a truely lovely afternoon; great to catch up with people from the last GTG and meet some of the new faces behind the posts.

    Can’t wait to plant all my goodies -special thanks to roundthebend- sorry you didn’t make the GTG- though I’ve been enthusiastically picking out the very bestest spot to plant the rasberry plant you left:D



    Yeah, that’s a bit too close for my liking – swat from me too:p:p:p. Aren’t you meant to airbrush out the wrinkles first, like they do for all the models and film stars??

    Am dashing off into town, so this is just a quick ‘Hi’ and ‘you’re welcome’ for now.


    Been meaning to get back to this thread. Just wanted to say it was nice putting faces to some to the online names. Was lovely to meet a few Townsvillians and thankyou to Helen for her hospitality on the day. Thank you also to Jaymie’s husband who gave us an informative tour of his aquaponics setup which my husband found really interesting. :tup:


    Hi everyone – so sorry i missed the GTG, was offline for a while, then out of town over that weekend. Will keep in better touch for future GTG. . . . . . . tho am about to become grandparent to twins . . . any day now!

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)
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