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meets? Townsville meet?

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    Hi Lou :wave:

    Hi Jenny and Matt :wave:



    Most likely will be coming and also hubby and 3 kids.

    do we bring chairs? morning tea, lunch (that was mentioned), plates, cups, cutlery, entire contents of house???? 😆


    OK check list:geek:

    Have starwberry/rasberry/garlic chive and some comfrey plants to bring along for any who would like them:)

    Eggs for Lees young man to incubate:tup:

    Yummy meatballs and home made tomatoe sauce to dip them in + salad bowl.:tup:

    Have plastic knives,forks,spoons,plates + serviettes left over from my bed and breakfast days if you can use them Helen:D


    I have a 7 year birthday tomorrow so i am sure to have left overs. so i bring Ahhhhh, where is the damn list anyway. I’ll bring the pot suprise.;)


    Wahoo how exciting, me and hubby and the 2 mini monsters. Can’t wait, see you all sunday


    Lee and frogfriendly – your ‘hangers on’ are more than welcome.

    We have lots of chairs and tables but with the numbers increasing if anyone has some folding ones handy and easily transported some extras may be useful. Similarly the plates etc – we may need more, so your offer is appreciated rtb.

    I’ll provide tea and coffee with scones and bikkies for morning tea when you arrive. BYO lunch. I’m intending to do a big vego quiche and whatever bits of salad are in the veg patch.

    My giveaways are lots of black eggplant seedlings and native dutchman’s pipe seedlings. For swapping there’s mango chutneys (and eggplant chutney!!!), lime marmalade and a variety of plants – cannas, mulberry, (more eggplant), amarylis bulbs, walking iris, (did I say eggplant?) and many more, including (surprisingly) eggplant.

    I’ll be in the front of the queue for the raspberries, Judy.

    If you’ve not got any swappables don’t worry – just bring yourself, preferably with an eggplant recipe! We’ll head up to Jaymie’s after lunch.

    Two sleeps to go :D:D


    I’m bringing herb quark and some fresh bread for lunch

    all my swappables will be at home, pretty much help yourself to seeds out of the garden 😉


    crap crap crap. didn’t realize there was going to be swaps as well. um, don’t have much on the go at present, potted some cherry tomato seedlings this afternoon but they may not survive. but not really any other seedlings happening round here at present. have some preserves in the cupboard that may do the job.

    Helen, I had planned on a quiche for lunch as well but may have to rethink that one, or maybe i could do a carnivore quiche 😐

    If we make it for morning tea will also bring something, like my morning teas 😆

    going now to have a panic and hunt in cupboards for stuff to bring.


    swaps aren’t essential


    can we postpone the GTG for another month????

    just enough time for me to plant stuff to give.

    the cupboards are bare with the exception of 5kg bags of flour and tinned fruit and salmon.



    ok we’ll bring some fried rice and I’m thinking so nibblies. We’re only just starting out so no swapsies for us. Depending on how the kids go I may be open to swaping them. Will see how we go.


    ok posted that twice but now I’ve worked out what I can bring – Aloe vera, anyone interested?


    Hi all,

    Is this meeting happening tomorrow? ie the 10 / 8 / 08 ???

    I was just given this great site by Jaymie as I was out at her place today checking out the fishy system … for those not yet privelaged to have seen it ….all I can say is …. WOW!!!! :tup::tup::tup:


    I am involved in the permie group here in townsville as well.

    If it is tomorrow ( or today if you are reading it tomorow!! heh heh) I might like to drop in and meet some ppl but ……..:shrug:

    If not I hiope to make further contact with you all at later stages.

    Cheers :wave:


    Ok everyone have a great day tommorow……without me:(

    I had a blonde day and went today:confused::shy:……………but got a lovely personalized tour of helens wonderfull creekside garden and Mr drytop makes an awsome coffee;)

    I WILL get to a get together with everyone one day:lol: and i left some plants for anyone that would like them( hope you put some away for yourself Helen;))



    Oh No! If we’d known you could have come up and had a look at the AP anyway 🙁


Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 74 total)
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