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meets? Townsville meet?

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    Hi again,

    Nope haven’t been kismetkat, but one of my cats is called Kismet. She was a tiny little kitten the size of a rat when I got her, I was actually going to buy a rat, and kismet lead me to her, hence the name.


    FF, these meets are usually family affairs, I know that Alex and the kids are coming with me 😀 Hi Helen :wave:



    Oh great. Hopefully will see you there.


    I think I’ve PMd everyone now with instructions. Harry, rtb and Missy have theirs on the EG site, and Jaymie and Flea pass my place frequently. Depome, let me know nearer the end of the week if you think you will come – I’ve sent everyone the same instructions but yours will have to be from ‘the other side’ so will have to think about those:uhoh:.

    Bplum and tripsy haven’t said they are coming so I’ll PM them if needed.

    I was called in to work most of last week and have had a shocking cold/flu since then so haven’t done half the jobs I’d set myself to do before you all visit. Never mind – it’s not meant to be a Tropical Homes show home – and never will be:D. All that neatly-mown grass and twee little hedges – aargh!

    Look forward to seeing you all soon.


    Sounds like half the Townsville people are in Alligator Creek.

    Back in my Army days one of my mates parents had a place there (Mt Clifton ct I think). Fun days.


    Certainly most Townsville people who want to Live Simply or be Earth Gardeners WILL be in Alligator Creek on Sunday! It’s a beautiful spot. Yes Mt CC is up on the hill. If you’re near Townsville, perhaps we’ll see you, too, XDigger??


    For any who are interested, on Sunday, after we have gathered at Helen’s at 10:30am, those who would like to see my aquaponics systems can come up and have a sticky 😀

    We’ll leave from Helen’s place and convoy up the hill (huge distance, about 4.5km 😉 )

    Really looking forward to another ALS get-together :metal:


    When are you doing the aquaponics part Jaymie, before or after lunch as hubby is keen to have a look. And I’m not sure how organised we will be on Sunday 😆


    I’m looking forward to seeing all your little fishies, Jaymie. I’ve got some in the creek but I’d need rather a lot to make a meal:lol:!

    XDigger – silly me:shy: you’re Kismet’s DH so of course you’re from Townsville (there isn’t a smiley for slapping myself on the head otherwise I’d put several in a row here……)


    we’ll do AP after lunch, so Helen can come and have a look too. :hug:


    Jacross, are you coming out?

    Who is coming out? I love gtg’s!


    We’ll be there Jaymie:D


    yes, Jaymie, I’m looking forward to it too. :lol::lol::lol:

    The list is (hope I haven’t forgotten anyone or given anyone extra kids or new partners)

    rtb and mr rtb

    Harry and Lou


    Jaymie and Alex and 2 kids


    Missy and 2 kids (Plus hubby I think)

    Maybe berry time, hubby and 4 kids

    Maybe frogfriendly

    Maybe depome

    Kismet and XDigger

    And me, with hubby lurking

    Not heard anything from dplum, trippsy or jacross.

    Also, Liz hasn’t been around on either list recently – anyone heard from her?

    Three more sleeps to go.:):):)

    Have I missed anyone with the address PM?? Or anyone else?? I’ll check the site again briefly each evening in case.


    If Liz is coming, please let me know so I can give your plate back to you 😀


    I am also got some tag alongs. The DH and three ankle biters. Ahhhh probably knee biters now. And maybe the neighbour. He doesn’t have a computer and gets the informantion off me. But we are self reliant and only need the dunny every so often.:tup:

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 74 total)
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