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may I pick your brains on what plants to choose?

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    We have recently found out that we may be relocating to Tas sooner than expected… a whole 7 years sooner! :pinch:

    Because of this we are frantically trying to put the finishing touches on the house. I completely revamped the garden from lawn and random, inappropriate plantings to stunning (I think) areas of large wicking veggie patches, winding mulched pathways, frog pond, chicken coop and garden beds. My problem is that the more ornamental garden beds are fairly bare… the main plants are an olive, pomegranite, mulberry and bay tree (all very young – around a meter tall), then just some chives/nasturtium/lambs ears/lemon+lime balm/lavender/strawberries/thyme/other bits n bobs – all very small and immature, some barely beyond seedling stage.

    Does anybody have some suggestions of FAST growing plants that are reasonably hardy (site is south facing but quite exposed) to fill up the space, give some vertical impact and make the bed look more established? I have approximately 6 months to get it up to scratch so any suggestions are greatly appreciated 🙂




    It would help if we knew what area you are in.


    my apologies, I am on the south-east coast of WA. Limestone + sand rather than soil 😉



    I’d like to help you but I have no experience of gardens in WA. Hope the advice starts to flow soonish. :tup:



    I’m guessing it’s all sunny? Tiger grass seems to grow really quick and mine has got up to about 2m in less than 12 months in a south facing bed, albeit it’s against the house…looks like bamboo, sort of…big clump…dd A blue plumbago? some of the new, non spreading lantanas in purple or white? Least they’ll be colour and lots of flowers pretty much all the time…and they’re tough…or all I can think of is you’ll need to pay for something with height that’s older to give the lived in look…you haven’t got much time to get growth unfortunately…Albany Wooly Bush are fairly quick I think?? Some of the grevilleas can grow fast…sorry…all I can think of (I’m in Perth hills but used to live in Mandurah with the joy of limestone)…had a frangipani that didn’t seem to mind the lime, but depends on your level of exposure…and if you can get one big enough to make a difference…if it’s windy it might break…


    Pimelea ferruginea is pretty . limestone tolerant and coastal areas Flowers in spring with pretty pink pom pom like flowers also comes in white. Grows 1mx1m. Just sent you PM


    Thanks so much for the replies, now I’m armed with some great ideas!

    Thanks again 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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