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    Am reading this late but some great ideas here! Better late than never


    How are we going people?


    I think I did really well on this challenge by cutting our packaging by at least a third if not half.

    I made the decision to be very aware of what I was writing on my shopping list so as not to be tempted to buy anything that I a)didn’t need, and b)that was over-packaged.

    I thought carefully about what I would cook for the month, wrote a menu and then methodically went through the menu and worked out the best way to buy the food I needed with the least amount of packaging.

    I switched from buying free range chicken portions in plastic trays to buying whole chooks for most of the chicken dishes I make. I had 4 plastic trays for the month instead of about 12 and am working on reducing it to nil. I asked Woolies if they would make up bulk lots of free range chicken portions without the unneccessary packaging but they said it comes into the store already pre-packed so I am still looking for alternatives.

    I bought all that I could in bulk and then had 2 big cooking days and made my meals in bulk and froze them. I love doing this as it means at 5.30 I am all organized and don’t have to think too much about what we will eat for dinner. This will be even more handy when I go back doing shift work next week.

    I was also very aware of buying anything at all in plastic packaging. I cut out soft drink altogether and found myself frequently returning things to the shelf because I felt I couldn’t justify the amount of packaging on the product.

    Always in my mind was the thought that ‘what if this rubbish has to stay on my block? Would I be happy to have this sitting in my backyard for the rest of my natural life?’

    Of course the answer was a resounding no so I looked for similar products in cardboard or glass packaging.

    After Dh put the bin out last night he came in and asked me why we bother each week as there is almost nothing in it.:tup:


    Not to bad, have become more aware of what I am buying and its packaging and saying no when I dont need bags and am trying to buy things that have recyclable packaging. Went 3 weeks till we had to put the bin out, was mostly plastics, that arent recycled down here, so I think I have done okay, and can only improve from here on. Thanks for the great challenge, look forward to the next one.



Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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