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    Hi all,

    We have now been at the new property about 7 weeks and oh, what a seven weeks it has been. Very busy, but we are really pleased with how it is coming on. I am posting some pictures of various aspects that we have now in place. Early days yet, but very exciting.


    Our concept … We run a mixed farm with vegetables,orchard, herbs, pigs, meat rabbits, dairy cow (and calf), ducks (barred muscovy’s and khaki campbells and our ever faithful dogs and us. We are organic (not certified but organic nevertheless except for some grain that we feed the animals – it is most definitely local though. I prefer to say we are holistic as that indicates that we work a whole farm concept where all things benefit more than two other areas. For instance, the rabbits provide meat for us, manure for the worm farm and compost heaps. Vegetables are in family rotation, herbs as hedgerows (ever increasing) which provide diversity, herbs for kitchen, medicinal value, natural animal rearing and so forth. We focus on natural animal care, pasture management, mixed farm diversity and respect for all living things.

    Here are some more photos.


    Great photos Mauzi… now you’ve started you may as well pop a few more up …..


    It’s going to be fun watching your place grow Mauzi. Well done! 🙂


    Thanks for sharing Mauzi. I like your concept – something we’d like to do ourselves one day! Can we see a few more pics of the pig/s – I love pigs!


    Oh yay I’m looking forward to this… :tup:

    There’s nothing so beautiful as watching a farm grow… especially one based on the principles you have outlined.



    What’s in the bowls please mauzi? Day’s rations? Looking forward to watching your place develop……….you sure don’t hang about …….only seven weeks!! :jawdrop: :tup: :clap:



    As you promised Mauzi, thank you. :tup:

    It’s looking very good to my inexpert eyes at least. And I too, am looking forward to the next installment. :clap:



    Looking and sounding great!


    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

    Bel, I will have a look through my piggy photos and put some up. I have loads of piggy photos from our other properties, not so many here yet.

    BlueWren, (my favourite bird by the way :D), Until our soil has the mineral density and quality that we are needing to promote good animal health,as well as my medicinal herbs in place, I am adding minerals (free choice) for the dairy cow. She has on offer at the moment, seaweed meal, salt, dolomite, bi-carb, copper sulphate and sulphur.Mostly she will take the seaweed meal and the salt. I prefer free choice as they know better than me what they need. I have noticed the calf “Tornados” also having a lick of the seaweed meal.

    I will post some more pictures later today after I resize etc. and sift through a few 😀 I do have more currently available on our website if anyone wants to check out some more in the meantime. I also have some past property pictures on that as well.


    Thanks, mauzi,are the bowls your own set up , or standard ware for stock feed supplements? Don’t the cattle slobber over the stuff?! Or are they just very dainty about it?


    Hi BlueWren, No we made this arrangement up out of an old tool box without a lid (put hay in that) and screwed the stainless steel bowls on top. 😀 yes they do slobber, but not too bad. I arrange the minerals with the salt close to her less favourite, or sometimes lick and the seaweed next to the bi-carb so if it goes in there she will still eat it. I do laugh at the calf though, he tends to lick up the scraps on top. Haven’t found a better way yet, but works the best we have tried so far 😆

    I am adding some more picks as well. It is a good process as I see what pictures of what areas I don’t have – hope that made sense 😀 😀

    This is the cow having some minerals. She may take the seaweed for instance for a couple of days and then not touch it for weeks.

    Our calf

    Our youngest son and one of our dogs. 12 year old whippet. After a hard day 😀

    Esmeralda and our Fergie – two very different types of tractors 😀


    Loving all your pictures Mauzi, I love pigs too, I’d love to have a couple, how do they go digging up the ground for you?


    Very inspiring photos – thank you for sharing some great ideas!


    :S did you change your pic while you were moving :shrug: I remember your web site, I remember your story of selling and buying in a couple weeks (so jelous) but didnt put them together :blink: now seeing your photo in your little pic I have a face I remember to put them all together :laugh:

    place looks unreal by the way, please keep the photos comming :tup:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 210 total)
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