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malay crossbreeding — hiccup!!

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    Hi. I’ve got a few questions about crossing malays to layer hens.

    I’d like malay leghorn crosses but can’t get good healthy leghorns in my area. (Many local flocks have CRD.) However the ISA browns I bought for eggs a while back are doing well and are currently in with the malay rooster. The eggs appear fertile (nice big blastodiscs).

    I’m tempted to stick eggs in the incubator and see… However I know ISA browns have a terrible reputation for hen aggression, and I don’t want to be shaped up to by something with Malay blood and ISA brown dominance… So does anyone have any ideas on whether this would be a bad cross? Obviously I’m trying to produce something that’s a dual purpose bird in its own right (which I can’t find in purebreds — the majority are either poor layers or poor meat birds with too-slow development).

    I was given malay leghorn eggs some time ago, and had a good hatch, but we went through a husband-hatred phase where he basically made me get rid of all my chooks over one noisy rooster. I’ve now built a soundproof big shed, and the malay is a big quiet gentleman, so that side of things is solved. But sourcing healthy layers non-commercially has proven impossible in my area — CRD seems to be a given. I’d rather avoid mycoplasma infection from the start if I can, so thats why I’m tempted to try commercial birds.

    Any thoughts, especially about temperament?

    NB The other options I have are layer australorps, which Barter & Sons sell for waaaaay too much these days ($25 a day old chick? :jawdrop:) Or their ‘Barter Black’, which is Australorp and I think Rhode Island red cross, and much cheaper.

    Many thanks.





    I may have missed something but why not have some leghorn eggs posted to you?


    Id go for fertile eggs posted to you for hatching or be prepared to go outside of your area to a poultry club auction and grab some girls for your Malay. The Leghorns will be a good cross though.

    We used to go from Ballarat to Euroa, and I know folks have gone much further to get good stock.

    Happy hunting


    HI Chooken – Sorry to hear about the leghorn thing. 🙁

    ISA crosses for the most part are not as agressive as the parent birds-

    I was given a few isa hens by a neighbour that moved ( handraised and freindly as so haven’t had the hart to send them to the market) these are sharing a pen with a Malay Roo atm, just starting laying so I’m going to see what happens myself:lol:

    The leghorn’s have just started laying again the malay’s not far off.

    If you would like some leghorn eggs or wna to wait a little i can send you some leghorn and Malay eggs who knows you may end up with a couple of malay females and be able to breed them as well.:hug:



    I have 8 pullets that are isa malay cross and they are stunning birds to look at:clap: They have lovely temprements and are just starting to lay but are a good size bird already. I would reccomend this cross highly:clap:


    I’m so glad to hear others are trying things like this too. At least I don’t feel 100% outlandish for giving it a go.

    Roogz, I’d love some fertile eggs, as I’ve been tempted to breed the malays in their own right as well as with leghorns. But first I might see how the current cross turns out. If the ISA cross is a failure (e.g. too much reduction in body weight to make table cockerels, or too nasty roosters for me to be comfy keeping) I’ll go back to trying to source leghorns, and I would definitely be interested in having a couple of malay hens around too. Thanks so much for the offer.

    It would be really good I reckon to share results of ISA crosses, as they’re relatively easy for people to find and play with… Thanks Kirsty for the information on how they turned out. Most encouraging!


    NO Prob’s chooken – just shoot me a pm when/if you want some.

    Loveley birds hopefully we can take them off the rare breeds list one day 😉



    Rats… My lovely malay boy has a recurring gurgle. He had it on arrival, but it went away after he settled in — now he’s got it more often than not. He’s getting a good high protein feed and daily fresh greens on top of the layer ration, so I’m starting to think I shouldn’t breed from him.

    Edited to say: I’ll leave things as they are for a bit longer, and see if he improves as the weather warms up. And I’ll get vitamins for the water…


    My isas are not at all agressive, after everything I had read I was worried about sticking x2 new hens in with them. However there was no scuffle, no nastiness.

    The australorp hens they are in with rule the roost and tell them off if they step out of line.

    I have my australorp rooster in with them all at the minute, just have to wait for them to go broody.


    Hi brymark,

    I wonder if the current brown birds (maybe they’re hylines?) have been bred to be a bit nicer? Just look how dark the eggs are, as well — one of mine is laying eggs that are almost chocolate.

    Not bad birds, for $18!

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