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    Hi everyone,

    just reading how theres not much happening on the forum – I lurk and don’t post much these days and I dont FB. so I thought I’d be brave and post to give everyone something new 🙂 
    I suppose what I really want is reassurance we’re doing the right thing at this stage, we’re in the very early stages of purchasing a property. We’ve looked at it  couple of times just speaking to the bank now see if we can afford it.
    Hubby and I have talked about moving out of the Sydney suburbs since we married 30 years ago but with elderly relatives and 3 adult children living at home still its hard just to pack up and go.
    so we thought we’d buy something and spend as much time as possible there and hopefully set up one of our sons to live there to look after the place when were not there.
    Its scarey. We’re not people that like change, we’ve never lived in anything but suburbia but it feels like the right thing to do for myself, hubby and also this particular son.
    I thought if it all goes ahead I could post some photos and get all your wonderful advise . I’ve already showed hubby that shadecloth covered garden in another thread with instructions that I want one asap.
    thanks everyone

    go with your gut
    if it feels right to you, then right it is
    looking forward to seeing some photos
    but go with your gut


    I agree, do it. 

    We did a similar thing a few years ago (but with much younger kids).  We came here with little knowledge and taught ourselves how to do many new things.  We have a large orchard, various poultry, livestock, vegetable gardens etc.  Unfortunately we are now at the stage where we need to move back to town due to health reasons.

    If you have any questions let us know.

    edit to add:  on second thoughts, you should buy my house!!!


    If you don’t give it a go you will never know, just make sure you do your homework and remember water is King!
    Cheers Pintree


    Hello starruby, go with your heart.


    Thanks everyone, I’ll post some pics as soon as I can just doing heaps of reading at the moment.

    Mukmuk you’re place is amazing ! just a bit too far for us. I love your garden plan. Health reasons are a bit of a concern with my DH he came off a horse on a friends property and had fractured vertebrae years ago so has pain still but he’s not getting any younger and even if we only have 5-10 years on land I think we’ll both be happier we did it rather than thinking what if.

    Your story sounds very similar to mine.  I fractured one of my vertebrae years ago before we moved here, it is degrading now as we always knew it would and I am becoming less able to do farm stuff. 

    I agree with you completely, even if you only spend 5 to 10 years on the property you will be happer.  If you don’t you will always have that little voice in your head that wishes you had at least tried it.  By living here we have experienced a lot of amazing thing that otherwise I could not have begun to imagine.  I have particularly enjoyed some of the wild life, but even the poultry and livestock have been great.  We have made mistakes along the way, and had some heartache, but overall it has been amazing.

    I agree with Pinetree too, water is crucial.  There is no such thing as too much water.

    It is scary, but that is a good thing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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