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Make your own bonemeal?

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    Red Tomato

    I was thinking of making my own bonemeal from left over bones. Any ideas on how to do this? I was thinking that perhaps there are bone grinding machines out there. Anyone have experience with this?


    there out there

    pretty messy smelly thing to have unless you access to a butcher shops worth of bones


    Any bones that are not soft enough to be eaten by my chickens I put in a bokashi bucket. After being bokashied they are soft enough to easily go through a garden mulcher.


    My bones go into the hibashi and get put on the garden.

    Its amazing how a small fire can render a bone to ash.


    I boil bones to make stock and find they are quite brittle when they dry out. perhaps you could try bashing them up with a hammer or similar. No idea how to make a substantial quantity all at once though- sorry.


    Two household items which can help make this process easier:

    Wood Fire; I usually throw all of my cooked bones into the fireplace. Once i’ve sifted the ash from the charcoal (which also contains the bone remnants), I bash up all of the charcoal/bones before adding it to my soil/potting mix. Soaking it in fish emulsion before adding to the soil gives your veg a kick start.

    Dog; All of the raw bones are passed through canines (and felines too). No dog is too small for this task. A chihauhau will eat a whole chicken frame if you don’t supervise him. THe white powdery end product can then be added to your compost or crushed up onsite to add to your “pasture” (lawn).


    Yes its an interesting way of doing it but how is one to be sure there not dealing with bones from animals that have suffered with mad cow. What sort of heat is required to kill the mad cow virus in the bones. There is quite a lot of it in Australia but just kept quiet. Most people that die from it are said to have died from old -timers or dementure type ills. Just Curious. :ohmy:

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