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    All the best for the finishing touches, caddie, as you and the animals all settle in to your new life.


    Thanks for the best wishes!

    It has been a long process but how nice it was this morning to be able to see the horses from the kitchen window as I waited for the kettle to boil.

    Have to get started on the vegies very soon

    For a property that didn’t need much doing to it there still seems to be a lot i need to do ASAP.

    That’s life I guess


    The fencing is almost done. Now at least I can keep the sheep in.

    next week the guy is coming to start on leveling and resowing the pasture on the larger portion.

    When that is done then the final internal fencing will be done and that is most of the major jobs finishe just 2 shelters and some water troughs to install.

    Solar panels are ordered 18 of them and should be installed in June

    Must say that will be good. I have started some vegies and strawberries in baths

    much to my sons disgust. He can not see why one would plant in messy looking baths and tubs when there is plenty of land available.

    We have had some rain here and quite a good germination has occured. On the other hand Mundijong is still very dry and no feed, luckily the people who bought my place dont have animals, they are going to grow hay!


    Glad to hear everything is going well at the new place. :clap: How about some pics :tup:


    I guess you can say I have moved by now.

    The tractor and scarifier are here so that is all the main machinery accounted for.

    Yesterday I had to put the booster on for the hot water for about one hour, first time since I took over so I think that is OK.

    Solar panels go in on the 23rd of June new meter was installed yesterday,

    Paddock is being sown now so that is another job out of the way.

    Then the last of the fencing can take place

    I have had couple come in and do some gardening, heavy bits that I can’t manage.

    I think another 3 lots of 3 hour sessions should see that all done.

    They have taken down trees that were over the roof and so clogging up the gutters.

    I am relient on rain water for the house so blocked gutters are not an option really

    I am some what challenged when it come to computers, to date haven’t worked out how to do the photo bit sorry


    Great progress caddie! :clap: :clap:


    My how time flys! :wave:

    I cant believe it is so long since I updated this.

    Sorry I am a slow learner and still haven’t mastered photos.

    The previous owners of this property had popped plants around in the lawn, which made it difficult to mow.

    There was a lovely weeping mulberry, quite large too.

    A weeping rose which was a nightmare to mow around, getting hung up in the thorns was not funny.

    Several palms, a bird bath stuck out in the open, nothing to encourage the birds to use it, all just in the wrong places.

    The birds use the ones I have put near the shrubs and trees on the perimeter of the garden.

    I have also planted some 200 trees around as shelter belts and ornamental.

    The Jacaranda’s around the shed are growing nicely, one is flowering,look forward to all 8 being in flower.

    Last year I had a couple in to do some of the heavy work.

    He took down a lot of trees and palms but there were still several that needed to go.

    During the winter the young couple from next door came and removed the weeping mulberry, tis now happily growing at thier property. They also took a prunus.

    They helped me shift the weeping rose to a new location away from the lawn.

    After the removal a leak developed in the water system and this was flooding the

    verandah. I tried to find it but was under the path and beyond my capability.

    Called in a local water man , he had problems too but eventually we got it sorted.

    The mulberry’s roots had gone along and then around the poly pipe causing it to split

    no wonder it was leaking!

    Have got the pool up and running, will see how it goes before I finally decide what to do with it.

    Next job on my agenda is the lawn growing on the house pad.

    It is very steep and the ride on mower is not too stable when I cut there, so It looks like a retaining wall to level it off will be the way to go.

    will wait till after Christmas I think then get stuck into it.

    :shrug: Caddie


    An update!

    The fencing is finished and the shelters for the stallion are built.

    i have had a contractor level and resow the final piece of land, that is coming on nicely too.

    I must say the fencing contractor must be the best there is!!

    not only did he do the fencing he built the shelters, comes if I need help with the fence. storm last week saw a tree down which was too big for me to shift.

    he arrived with his workman and had it cleared and in manageble pieces in no time.

    I asked him could he make me a clothes line for under the verandah YEP he did and it works beautifully with a winch to raise and lower it to my hieght.

    he also built a porch over the back door to stop the weather beating in.

    Fixed the shade house in the process.

    Is it any wonder I consider him the best in the west?

    No make that the whole of Aus!!!!


    Hi caddie. Sounds like you’ve made great progress 🙂 I hope we can find such a capable fencing contractor one day (when we’re finally ready to proceed with paddocks for our small animals)…


    If you manage to find one like Chris don’t let him go!!!

    He says he like a challenge, I think I have given him some.

    Contractors like this are rare I believe.


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