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    Well I have eventually made the decision, after much soul searching !

    I have sold the 78 acres in MUndijong, I just wasn’t able to keep up the maintance needed.

    I have bought 24 acres near Donnybrook, this is nearer my son and daughter.

    This property has lots of water so will be able to garden to my hearts content.

    The first property I looked at was an old house and would need a lot of things done to it and the sheds were not all that good, but was right next door to son.

    My property took some time to sell so the option on this property fell through.

    Vendor then decided to increase the price,

    I had to meet the market with mine so I couldn’t meet her new price,had to start looking elsewhere.

    This was a blessing as it happened as the new place is double the acres a newer house with nothing needed doing to it and $150000 cheaper, just further away from the boy and town.

    I can cope with that, now the shifting bit has to happen , not looking forward to that.


    It sounds like everything fell into the right places.

    It will be great to get the move out of the way so you can settle in.

    I am really excited for you and can’t wait to watch your journey.


    Wishing you the best of luck for an easy transition 🙂 I hope you love your new home.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    It sounds wonderful caddie, all the best for the big shift! 🙂


    And so a new chapter begins. Congratulations on the purchase of your new place! I hope your transition goes smoothly, and your gardens rich in yield!


    Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

    It is all a bit daunting to say the least but no doubt I will manage


    Ahhh, everything happens for a reason! The place you’ve ended up buying sounds great – and a house with no work needed even better! Good luck with the move!

    We too have put our house on the market and are looking to move to about 20 acres……so yes I understand how daunting it feels!


    I had no intention at all in moving untill the property next door to my son came on the market.

    I put an offer in subject to the sale of my property which was accepted.

    My property didn’t sell and the offer fell through,then suddenly mine sold.

    In the meantime the vendor had put her place back on the market with a different agent, increasing the sale price.

    I asked the agent to inquire and the reply was”She wants she will pay for it”.

    Obviously vendor now knew that my son was next door.

    This was an old property, house and sheds needed work so would have been up for more than purchase price, on 10 acres.

    I went looking and found 23 acres, newish house nothing major needed, good sheds, heated below ground pool, just needs a couple of fences installed and Bobs your uncle!!!! AND $150000 cheaper!!!!!

    I owe the vendor of the first property a vote of thanks.


    Ditto to what the others said 🙂

    Good luck in the move. Time to redo all the good things you did on the last property, with fewer mistakes 😉

    and these things happen for a reason… 🙂


    Good luck with your move Caddie 🙂 but I do hope you like cold weather ……. Donnybrook is too cold for us 😆



    Cold!!! the other day the agent and I were inspecting properties and it was 40 degrees.

    Mad dogs and englishmen weren’t in it!!

    Seriously before moving to Mundijong we were down near Kojonup so I knew what weather was likely to be.


    All the best Caddie.Sounds like a great property. I was at Donnybrook the other day, during a WA trip.


    Congratulations and enjoy your new place. 🙂


    All the best for the move. It’ll be nice to be closer to your son. Hopefully he might even give you a hand with the fences that need doing! It’s exciting to get a new property to create a new garden and plan away.


    Settlement has gone through today so I now officially live in Donnybrook.

    Fortunately the new owners of this place dont need to move in right away so I will be able to commute while the fencing is done.

    It has been somewhat daunting, I did wonder if the kids were right and I have lost my marbles, but I must look forward.

    Thank you to all who have wished me well in this project


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