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Magnetic Pole Shift

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    Has anybody else seen this recently? If so what is the feeling? If this is the reason we have been having unpredictable weather, what does it say about Global warming?



    tell you the truth susan,

    that does sound more plausable than the other hypothetical junk.

    i realy don’t know if the poles could move realign whatever no man would honestly know, but would reckon it could cause some catastrophic events if it did so.

    common sense says we must unite to be able to cement our place, or we will be governed my minorities. no chance of that anyway we aren’t a society like others ie.,. muslims etc.,.



    Sorry, Susan, but to me this sounds like fear-mongering. Sure it might be true, but it might not too. Besides, reading the article, the line about Queensland having a new inland sea as the water from the floods might never dissapate simply seems ridiculous. I certainly haven’t seen that sort of info anywhere else. How is it going to affect your life either way? All we can do is be as prepared as possible for any sort of emergency or disaster that might come our way, and the biggest part of that is building a strong community around ourselves. Living a life ruled by the fear of what “might” happen in the future doesn’t seem like much of a life to me.


    well said mudhen,

    too much fear hype out there, got people running around like chicken littles with their heads removed. see it in the weather and news reports daily, lets get back to common sense and reports without all the supurlatives like killer cyclones, battered by rain is bruised in there as well.

    yes we need a stronger community give people honest help when they need it no grandstanding allowed by pollies. they can roll their sleaves up and get down and dirty or stay away.

    things of the planet we can’t control look at the massive amount of manpower wasted on furphies.



    Hea Len Dont know how you will go with steel knee replacement, Your knees might jump about and you can’t control them. But then the magnetic field might hold you in



    lol lol mate at least me lovely will be able to find me stuck to one of the poles hey


    Pink AngelPink Angel

    Our poles have shifted, that is why we have magnetic north and true north!!


    “An inconvenient truth” was on TV tonite, its 6 years now since it was made and still some compelling scenes therein.

    Maybe some climate change sceptics should review this film, or perhaps they never did see it, dismissing it as rubbish, like my sister.

    I have no idea if a carbon tax is good or bad, but it will cost jobs in oz and force up the cost of living and whats the point unless china and usa do the same.


    sorry bushy,

    that has long ago been discredited as clap trap from some bloke who wants to be paid well, creating lots of their carbon as he does so and who does nothing to run his own house efficiently. so the science within just as corrupt as any other science that is in bed with the gov’.

    should have been called an inconvenient lie.

    i’ll be the bulls eye again:



    Magnetic pole shift makes more sense than this CO2 BS. at least it stacks up against ancient history and climates changes throughout. unlike the other arguement. No sure what CO2 does to cause earthquakes and volcanos to erupt but their seems to be a lot happening lately.



    they are probably still reworking their parametes to fit those events in, and don’t forget aircraft accicdents, there should be room to encompass them as well.



    Pink Angel post=306879 wrote: Our poles have shifted, that is why we have magnetic north and true north!!

    They never really aligned in the first place. In fact magnetic north and magnetic south aren’t even directly opposite each other – and they move around a bit too! So unfortunately changes in the magnetic field aren’t necessarily a sign that a reversal is imminent.

    Given that the last pole reversal took place about 780,000 years ago, there aren’t any written records of what it did and we can only make educated guesses about what might occur.


    The reality is that the poles have shifted before and will do again. the Earth goes though many cycles and these affect the climate.It has to do with solar cycles the cycles of the earth movements etc. Look at the ice cores, see what space scientists, astronomers and geologists say. The big problem is that humans think they are so important and actually have an effect on the universe. What arrogance. We are so insignificant but can’t accept it. Humans are so incredibly arrogant it is frightening!


    yep, there is no opportunity to exploit climate change for financial gain if you accept it as a normal part of the universe. it only gained momentum when people started to work out how to make money and gain control by exploiting it.


    penny post=306951 wrote: The big problem is that humans think they are so important and actually have an effect on the universe. What arrogance. We are so insignificant but can’t accept it. Humans are so incredibly arrogant it is frightening!

    Isn’t a clear-felled forest an effect upon the universe? Or a missing mountaintop, or a polluted aquifer? Aren’t all those species that are on the brink of extinction as a result of human actions an effect upon the universe? Our world might only be a small corner of the universe but it’s the only corner we’ve got, and when we willfully damage so much of it then of course we’re having an effect, and we’re certainly not insignificant, and we could quite easily end up wiping ourselves out.

    There seems to now be an implicit denial of climate change science here, and no-one seems to be bothering to refute it any more? What happened to caring for the earth? The science behind climate change is fairly well established now, just read any real scientific publication on the matter, not the mumbo-jumbo put out by the often discredited denialist crowd. Try for a blog that tackles a lot of the rubbish put out.

    Of course ALS is non-denominational in the religion of climate science, and we accept that everyone has different views on these things, but I find it odd that the denialist viewpoint seems to be getting so much “air-time” yet with only uninformed opinion and spurious conjecture to back up the positions. If people from the flat earth society started espousing their beliefs we would accept them as people, but would we start agreeing with them if they didn’t have any evidence?

    What our best approach to reducing our continued impact is, is an entirely different matter. Yes, everyone is afraid of another tax, everyone is afraid that doing the right thing might involve sacrifice and change. Many are pointing the finger saying others are still being naughty so why shouldn’t we. The problem isn’t that humans are arrogant, it’s that they’re selfish.

    The climate change movement started gaining momentum when mums and dads worried about their children’s futures and started pushing for change, started demanding solutions. As with all things, some unscrupulous people jumped on the wagon and wanted to make some money. The sad thing is so many forgot how it all started and started to believe the greedy folks at the top. It’s people like us that demanded the powers that be take this seriously!

    Believe me, the fossil fuel industries stand to make a lot of money through people’s disbelief and inaction, so no matter which way we go, someone at the big end of town will be making a dollar out of the little people.

    Magnetic pole shift? It’s not something we can plan for and mitigate against, so it’s a distraction not worth worrying about, a bit like chunks of rock floating through space that might run into the earth one day. We can do something about our continued polluting of our home.

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