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Maggots (?) in Compost

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    Steve Thomas

    Hi everyone,

    We’ve been away and combined with laziness my tumbler compost hasn’t been tumbled.

    So returning to the garden today i found hundreds of 1-3cm long maggots (not like the mini fly maggots) maybe a better word would be worms?

    They are tan in colour and tapper to a point at both ends.

    Dammed hard to explain, i’ll see if i cant get a picture.

    Is this good for my compost? (proves it’s alive i guess?)


    Sounds like compost flies to me – black soldier fly larvae- these are the next best things to worms to make compost. These black flies have no mouth parts as adults and only feed in larvae form. I farm both these and worms using the soldier fly larvae in pits to break up my mostly clay and rock soil. They are voracious eaters and break down scraps into compost in the same way as worms. They do not need particles to be small the way worms do and will devour a whole chicken carcass within a few days when well established.

    They are a good adjunct to compost making improving the biomass of soil and making nutrients available to plants. Chooks love them and I have problems controlling bandicoots eating all the pupated larvae from around the pits in winter.

    Using these flies has enabled me to grow fruit trees effectively where previously they would fail to establish – I now have over 40 fruiting trees and fruit all year thanks to these great little workers. They exude a chemical that repels other flies from laying eggs in compost etc – they do not enter the house and are all around good guys. Best thing is they are free as the adults will lay hundreds of eggs once in your garden. Adults look like large black wasps.

    Hope this helps.


    yeh had a mate big into gardening with one of those metal drum tumblers somewhat rusted out, he loved maggotts getting in it, he had bucket underneath to collect their wee or water, and they decomposed the material better.

    teh soldier flies got into our drop toilet, the best composted waste we had, lots of wee collected and the dead maggots all added.


    Steve Thomas

    Sounds great,

    I have a good picture but blow me if i can post it?

    tried, explorer, fire fox and safari?

    any help on the picture posting?

    I “attach file” at the bottom of the reply to post area, select my photo from list and press open…. nothing happens.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.


    when you do a reply below the texting window is a box marked add file click that then browse your computer for the file and then click insert



    ALS may be having a problem with some of it’s coding. Apparently some people are having a problem with the BBCoding & others are having a problem with some of their profile stuff. I had problems with putting up pics a while ago, but I discovered that if I saved them in photobucket I could link them in.


    I love BSF

    They get into my stink bucket…a plastic rubbish bin full of water with a onion bag in it that gets filled will everything you really dont want in the compost,fish waste prawn shell roast chicken beef lamb pork bones after you made stock as well as cow manure, urine,sour dough starter,milk, molasses,comfrey,crusher dust charcoal.

    It all turns into a constantly growing stinky free compost tea with a constant supply of dead BSF maggots and their by products.

    Steve Thomas

    Holy crap!

    Well I never…


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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