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    Low tech Wednesday is not working well for me.

    I think I’ll have more luck with a low tech Sunday when DP is home from work and we do other things around the property that don’t involve the computer.:p


    Well I did a Switch Off Sunday once and it was awesome! ( just my name for it coz it was a sunday)

    I did use power to do some cooking and stuff like that but no tv, and no computer (till the girls were in bed because I have to send a daily food diary to our biochemist at the moment).

    I think I might commit to it every Sunday and join you guys here reporting in!

    Things like the oven/sewing machines & cooking implements will stay on though as they really enhance our days as far as achievements go – the girls and i cook together and they love to help pull the pins out while I sew:lol:

    Queen Mab

    I think that this is a fantastic idea – we just recently moved & I found not having the internet connected gave me back so much time & I actually ENJOYED not having the option of going online, the house was clean, I got through alot of sewing & I was sooooooooo relaxed.

    Unfortunately though I have gotten used to the net time again & spent hours on here last night when I could have been cleaning or, shock horror, sleeping. I am definately having a low-tech day this week, will let you know how it goes!!


    I have tried a few different methods to keep off the net now I just try to keep off on the weekends. Works most of the time.:confused:

    My name is Michelle and I am an internet addict.:lol:


    :wave: HI MICHELLE!

    I’ve found with the two little ones I’m having less time to go online anyway. During the day there’s sometimes a window of about 1/2 hour when they’re both asleep (sometimes more, sometimes less) so I don’t want to waste it being online or watching TV! Evenings M has been using the computer lately so I haven’t been going on then either.

    S is currently addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine (entirely my fault, I admit) and so I’m getting him to do other things so that he forgets about it and doesn’t ask for it every five minutes 😆 On Wednesday I made playdough and he was SO HAPPY – had lots of fun playing with it… even fed some to the dog :rip: Poor Cooper didn’t look too impressed with the taste!

    On the news last night there was a report that our power bills will be going up 50% in the next two years (and possibly more after that) so I’m really looking in to see if I can get myself a Dreampot by Thermos to save on power costs when cooking. It would be good to reduce the amount of “tech” or at least power I use when making our meals.


    Low tech days / life sound great. Its so nice often to just walk barefoot around the garden or beach or somewhere natural, being really mindful of the sensations and feelings. I am alarmed at the amount of TV people watch and so much is so bad sadly. It causes hyperactivity in children because its so rapid not like the slow peaceful world that nature intended us to experience. I am reading a biography of Jane Goodall at the moment and how wonderful that life must be, natural, pure, instinctive, mindful, NATURAL. A bit of a contradiction that I am telling you over the net but anyway. Cheers GR.


    I don’t have a TV at all so I don’t need to worry about the TV sucking up a lot of time, but the internet sure does.

    I’ve found I’m on it less in the latter half of the month when the broadband limit has been reached and the speed drops to dial up. I get very irritated very quickly at the slow loading pages and tend to hop on and off a lot more.

    I try and spend at least 2 days a week of the internet, usually Thursdays and Sundays.

    I choose Thursday cause it was the only day of the week where it was easy to turn the internet off. I think that is because that is the quietest day for the forums I’m on and my friends in the US/Europe have hit the middle of their week and are flat out.

    And Sundays is a no-brainer when you spend your mornings in Church and want to have a nice quiet afternoon to nap and relax.


    Lizzy 😀

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