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low cost homemade cereal ideas (nut free!)

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    does anyone have any recipes for low cost healthy breakfast cereals? Need to be nut free as I am allergic to some nuts.

    I’m thinking about making up a batch of cereal to replace the cheapo boring cornflakes that I currently eat each morning!



    my suggestion would be to ditch the cereal and eat some protein and complex carbs (have you got chooks? great breakfast idea! eggs, that is, not the chicken herself) 🙂 but that’s not a very cheap option unfortunately, unless you start eating dinner at breakfast time?


    i mix my own cereal, i put whatever i like that is on special.

    So sometimes i have corn flakes, mixed with bran flakes, then i use those puffed rice/corn things from the health food section and sultanas. In winter i have poridge with sultanas.

    When i’m working, or time is tight, i make sultana and bran muffins .. been meaning to make some banana ones actually……………..


    Have you tried making your own muesli? The base ingredient is porridge oats and then you can put in what ever you like or is on special.


    Bircher Muesli – google for different ideas. The one I’m currently making is:

    1/3 cup of good quality Australian porridge oats

    1/2 cup of milk (or water or juice)

    A couple of dollops of Organic Yoghurt

    1 tablespoon of Craisins (cranberries)

    1 tablespoon of organic raisins

    1 teaspoon of honey

    1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds, almonds, pepitas (all chopped up) and you can leave out anything you’re allergic to.

    Mix all together and leave in the fridge overnight. Next day, add more yoghurt if you want and some grated apple, sliced banana or berries if that takes your fancy.

    I’m not a cereal loving person but this is delicious and fills you up for most of the day. You can’t tell that the oats are not cooked.


    Gianna, does it keep and taste ok if you make a bigger lot and keep if for a few days?


    I haven’t tried keeping it for longer Vickie, but I think a couple of days should be ok. 🙂 Linseed, Sesame and Almond (LSA) which is pre-ground and available in the supermarket or health food store, would be good in it too. Some people make it with lemon juice which I’ve yet to try.


    We make a ‘muesli’ slice, which we cut into long bars for b’fast on the go:

    1c sr flour

    1c oats or muesli (add your own fruit..? we get aldi muesli one has nuts and one doesnt) also, you can add more muesli than this says…

    1c coconut

    1/2c sugar

    1/2 c melted butter/marg

    1tblsp honey/golden syrup

    1 egg

    (sometimes needs a dash of milk)

    Mix and press into tin. bake @ 180c for 30 mins. Cool, cut!

    I also used to have a recipe for weetbix muffins (YUM!!) but it got ‘lost’.

    I believe its:

    6 weetbix crushed soaked in 3/4 cup milk (use buttermilk if you want, or half milk/yoghurt…)

    2 apples grated, i leave skins on

    2c sr flour

    1tsp baking powder

    2 eggs

    1/2c oil/melted butter

    1/4c honey

    Mix wet ingredients in a bowl with 1/2 the honey and the weetbix mix.

    Mix dry ingredients in seperate bowl, add wet and mix gently with a fork till just comb.

    bake @ 200c for 20 mins. When done brush with remaining honey that has been warmed in the microwave!

    They are yum, freeze really well too! We have put a mashed banana in these and its yummy too!


    Thanks for all the yummy ideas! I’m not a cereal person but in the mornings before work there just isn’t time to make toast for everyone. Am definitely going to try some of these recipes as I am SO bored of shovelling cornflakes into my face in the mornings 🙂


    This one probably takes a little bit longer than toast, but may still be an option (I haven’t kept these till they’re cold, so they may be able to be made the evening before??)

    For each person, 1 banana and 1 egg (unless you want more of course). A bit of coconut would be nice too. Mash the banana, add the egg and cook like a pikelet. It’s a bit more delicate than pikelet mixture so turning gently is needed. Oh and cook in butter 🙂


    Hi Folks

    I’ve been making my own muesli for a few years now. Easy as (and you can add nuts or leave them out as you choose).

    I usually use 4 cups of rolled oats. 3 cups of some other rolled grain (something like rye or spelt or barley for a little extra flavour). 1/2 cup shredded coconut, 1/2 cup pepitas, 1/2 cup sunflower seeds and 1 cup chopped unsalted nuts (whatever we fancy… macadamias at the moment.. last batch was cashews. Add 3/4 cup honey and mix till its all coated. Bake at 200c in the oven stirring every few minutes till its toasted and brown. Let it cool and add 2 cups puffed stuff (I’m using puffed corn and kamut at the moment), 1 cup flaked stuff (rice flakes atm)and 2 cups dried fruit.

    That makes enough to last us a couple of weeks. Lovely.

    I also throw in a few tsp of ginger or other spice occasionally when mixing in the honey. You can also use golden syrup or malt syrup or maple…




    I make bircher muesli similar to another person in a previous post. I add my grated apple the night before as well, saves time in the morning. I have used mine up to 3 days later and it seems fine. The only thing I need to add in the morning is extra cut fruit on top, but on days of high time-pressure I’ve skipped that stage and it is still really goods.

    Eira Clapton

    I regularly make a huge batch of natural muesli using rolled oats, oat bran, coconut, sultanas, processed bran and anything else I feel like throwing in. Sometimes I have banana chips so they go in, I often add oat bran too.

    I also like to vary things a bit with savoury muffins. If you keep them in the freezer, you can thaw them overnight and they are yummy as a bit of a treat. They become very frugal if you use leftovers in them…eg a bit of leftover spaghetti sauce or whatever.

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