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    Hi to my loving family members. 🙂

    I was wondering if anyone here would have any ideas on how to elevate the blood pressure. I had it taken yesterday and it was a little on the low side 110/76 :S

    I tend to suffer low blood pressure, but I hate the feeling of being tired and drunk, without so much as a snifker of alcohol. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas other than sports drinks, which were suggested by the local nurse that visits the chemist to do checkups etc.

    For 2 days I’ve been draggin my butt around, and I’d just love to wake up feeling fresh tomorrow 😀 I have a big week coming up, and i want it to go smoothly :S

    Thanks In Advance.



    Hi shadowdancer,

    I am a nurse and I would suggest you get you iron levels and vitamin B checked ,also a blood glucose level(BSL) done. the blood glucose can be done at the pharmacy but the others you will need to see the Dr for. a blood pressure of 110/76 in itself would not necessarily be a problem. usually blood pressure is not actually a condition but a sign of other conditions. if you would like to PM me I might be able to help you with asking the Dr to do the right tests. sometimes they need a little push.


    have inboxed you 😀 Gothmother 😀


    Also might mention thyroid tests too – mine was borderline when tested, Doc then tested for for Hashimotos – auto immune disease of thyroid- often occurs with things like gluten intolerance. (test now available to identify the genetic disposition) Low dose thyroxine and cut back on gluten a fair bit – helped tiredness no end!

    Lady Bee

    I was under the impression that 110/76 was actually quite good! What do you think it should be?


    Those numbers Lady B was after I walked to get it tested, so it was down.

    My bp is usually about 115-120/80 or thereabouts. I wish I felt better today though.. LOL. Chemist isn’t open today to go and have it checked.

    Coeliac runs in my family too, so perhaps thats a thing as well, I’ve been eating more bread than I usually do. hmm perhaps I should cut back on that too.

    Thanks everyone for your replies…


    I agree lady B, your reading seems fine to me, and no, Im not a medical expert, however I give plasma every fortnight and before they proceed my BP is taken, is usually around 110 over 65 or there abouts, but last week it was 98 over 55, with a pulse of 52 and the nurse said is on the low side of normal but healthy.

    Maybe your tiredness is related to another condition as Gothmother suggests.


    Hmm I have low blood pressure too when the kids don’t rile me up :S but I found taking an iron supplement helped immensely, have you had your iron levels checked. Mine were within normal range but I really notice it if I don’t take the supplement.


    Exhaustion and rapidly falling blood pressure 85/60 was finally sorted out

    by addressing thyroid function with Lugol’s solution available from some chemists and online.

    Borderline readings from tests were deemed fine by dr. and all must be psychomatic!

    Some of us are born to find other answers, in consultation with those who know

    more than we do.



    I would have thought that your BP reading was fine too. I hope you sort out your tiredness soon though. Hate to see you feeling crappy. Hugs. 🙂

    PS: It would be a good idea to cut out the gluten for a while though and see if that helps.


    I would kill for 110 :laugh: But to combat my 70/40’s I incorparated a little salt into my diet.

    For the tiredness the iron does jump up as the first port of call.


    thanks everyone, I’ll be looking into all these things today. I now have vertigo on the back of it, so perhaps there’s an infection somewhere? Will be trying to get into the quacks today :S however, that may be impossible in the town that Im in.

    I truly appreciate everyone’s comments. Thankyou.


    My blood pressure is usually a bit lower than that – specially when pregnant. I take evening primrose oil as its supposed to help your blood circulation and help keep blood pressure stable and even.


    Hey there Shadowdancer, seems like you have had some good advise here. If there is anyone else with low blood I find the following help, my blood pressure usually sits at about 90/60. My number one aim is to stay hydrated, if I’m dehydrated I feel the woozy more keenly, a strong coffee on the days when my world spins when I stand up really helps. The last one is to get enough sleep, I’m a light sleeper and if I only get 4 or 5 hours I feel woozy for most of the next day, 6 or 7 hours really helps 🙂

    Cheers 🙂


    My blood pressure can fluctuate anywhere from 110/70 down to 95/60. Pretty normal for me. I find I have to be careful when I stand up quickly, or if my shower is too hot. I’m always cold, so I love hot summers. I am prone to tiredness, but have always put that down to working shifts, busy lifestyle etc. My iron was always borderline when I donated blood, so now i donate plasma instead. My doctor says that women shouldn’t donate whole blood as often as men because they bleed more often. Fran is right – drinking lots of water really helps. If it’s hot and I haven’t had extra water to drink, my blood pressure is always lower.

    Thought I’d add that my Dad was having trouble with his low blood pressure lately. He was very dizzy and tired as well and didn’t know what was wrong. Turned out he had glandular fever. Might be worth getting a blood test to rule out things like that. Apparently Ross River Virus is also going around at the moment….

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