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lots of rain

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    Even the ducks are sick of wet feet around here.

    I’m in the SES at Corindi so got out Thursday before the creek came up (went 2m+ over the bridge), and we had 70+ calls for assistance. Four houses had to be evacuated. Stayed overnight and finished at 2:30pm Fri but had to wait another two and a half hours for creek to go down to get home (way too embarrassing to be stuck on a flooded bridge in SES uniform).

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    We may flood this week (I live in Gympie after all 😉 ) which isn’t that much of an issue (we’re very used to it). But I’ve just found mould all over the kitchen table and chairs and our spare lounge. Fans are on full now trying to circulate some air. The fruit trees are dropping their fruit which is worse of all! The grass in the chook pen is higher than the chooks themselves.

    Fairly minor compared to lots of people. I was reading someone’s comment earlier about having a hot day. I want a hot day! I want several! In a row! (as do probably most of us having had months of rain now)


    That mould sounds really horrible! Have you had MONTHS of rain in Gympie?? I’m not that far away in Kingaroy and we’ve only had a week or so after months of dry!!

    We’ve just been discussing in our permaculture group how difficult it is to advise newcomers to Wide Bay Burnett on growing conditions and what to grow ! It varies almost by the kilometre , the variations in the disrict are incredible.


    Love the photo clarec. When we get heaps of rain here the ducks surf the flood water down to the dam. Quite funny to watch. Rarely do I see them out of the water though.

    That mould really does sound horrible. The table you may be able to get it out of but the lounge fabric???? :sick:

    We had 2mls yesterday and nothing today :whistle: Still waiting for the pipeline 😉 We’re meant to get a bit of rain over the next week and with it being the first week back at school couldn’t be better. Shame about DS2 though, he starts kindy this week, it’ll be a shame to be raining then 🙁


    We have had dry weather on and off for the past 2 years. It started Jan 2010 and hasn’t stopped really. The ground is so saturated, water pools almost immediately (though there was that week of summer we had in November when we were asking for rain. That has happened each Nov since 2009, when most of my veges died in the head and humidity. Apart from November, yeah, pretty much a lot of rain 🙂


    It’s finally eased up for us on the Gold Coast, although everything is horribly damp. I had to wipe mould off the top of the fridge yesterday. I’m fast running out of dry/clean clothes too :laugh:

    I had a small heart attack a couple days ago, half asleep sipping my morning coffee, just happen to glance outside to see water lapping at the front gate. Thankfully only the driveway and garage had a bit of minor flooding.

    I have a friend living in one of the worse effected places on the coast with a pregnant wife who was due within the next 3 days about 2 days ago now. He was sweating it wondering if he’d make it to a hospital or would be flooded in. I haven’t heard from him since, so I hope all is well.


    Glad your flooding was minor.Hope your friends are OK.

    Our grandson was born in Brisbane on January 12th last year , just when the city went under.Thankfully they had a clear run to the hospital!


    Hi Bron

    My daughters place in Mackay was completely taken over by mould when they were away for 7 days & the house was closed up. She researched & found that OIL OF CLOVES actually kills mould spores unlike bleach which just takes away the black/green marks & doesn’t kill them & she did sponge her fabric lounge with it & it worked fine. She now buys it online in a bigger container so it is cheaper.

    Judi B

    Clove Oil is fantastic…. ANTS hate it :tup: and it smells nicer than fly/surface spray.


    Well we finally had rain here overnight,and very windy.No damage to anything which is good.

    The Kurrajong trees have spat out their gluey shit all over everything,I hate that stuff.

    Had to take the car into town no road flooding this morning which is good.

    Seems to be set in as the sky is very low.

    Plus I gave evverything a real good drink yesterday.

    Hope everyone is doing ok where they are with the floods etc


    It’s raining, it’s pouring :laugh: :woohoo: It doesn’t look like it will last for long but after 36 degrees here today and not much rain for the last month :woohoo:


    Finally, the water pipeline has made it to us :cheer:

    We are meant to get rain for the next few days :tup:

    I just read on the news that there are heaps of flood warnings out for much of NSW, take care everyone :hug:


    we had over 130mm in the last 30hr. a lot off rain but we are ok. far enough away from rivers and creeks.

    take care everyone


    I can’t even imagine that sort of rain. Glad everyone is OK and take care.


    Be safe everyone, and thanks for the oil of cloves tip. Just got back from a holiday to find mold on the wall from all the rainy weather, so will give it a swipe and see how it goes.

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