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Lots of Myer Lemons

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    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    My lovely myer lemon has lots at the moment. As this does not continually crop, I am trying to use and preserve the lemons. ATM I have made lemon and poppy seed muffins and lemon butter.

    I have also frozen into cubes quite a lot of juice.

    I am thinking that preserved lemons use up quite a few, but frankly don’t know what do with them when they are made, so if any one has any ideas that would be great.

    I was also thinking of lemon cordial, but most recipes only need one!

    Have given quite a few away.

    I would appreciate any ideas for other uses.



    Oh you are soooo lucky!!! It is so hard to get unwaxed lemons to preserve. Yes preserving the lemons will use a lot of them and they last for ever (well at least 1 year or until you run out). Use preserved lemons in just about anything – casseroles, add them to couscous, chopped over eggs for breakfast, add to rice, salads, etc etc etc.


    This one uses more than one lemon and it sounds really delish too!!

    Homemade Lemon Cordial

    Submitted by: KatieLoeb

    Keywords: Non-Alcoholic Beverage

    This recipe makes about 6 cups of cordial for use in cocktail or for lemonade. Use to taste.

    1-1/2 c Sugar

    1/2 T Citric Acid

    1 tsp Tartaric Acid (available at homebrew/winemaking supply stores)

    3 c Water

    Zest of 4 lemons, microplaned

    1-1/2 c fresh lemon juice +juice of the four “naked” lemons

    2 stalks lemongrass, finely chopped

    1-1/2 tsp Orange flower water

    Stir sugar, citric acid and tartaric acid together with a whisk. Bring water to a boil, then add sugar mixture. Stir thoroughly to dissolve sugar mixture into water. Add lemon juice, lemon zests, lemongrass and stir. Heat mixture for 10 minutes on high heat, turn off heat, cover and cool overnight. Strain out and add Orange flower water. Refrigerate for another day before using (the flavor continues to change a bit). Stored in the refrigerator, it should keep better than simple syrup.


    Try this pickle, it’s delicious!


    the recipe failed to attach… It was written by Stephanie Alexander in The Age Epicure

    Spiced lemon pickle

    This is from one of my treasured 1980s books, Cooking in the Country , by Tom Jaine, who hails from Devon. I have made this pickle every year for some time now. The only adjustment I make is that I quite like to happen upon a piece of cardamom or cracked allspice in the pickle, whereas he says to bag the spices and remove them. This is how it appears in his book.

    • 1 tbsp whole allspice

    • 2 tsp whole cardamom

    • 2 tsp whole coriander

    • 50g ginger, peeled

    • 2 large hot green chillies

    • 900g lemons, halved

    • 450g onions

    • 25g salt

    • 600ml cider vinegar

    • 675g granulated sugar


    Tie the spices in a piece of muslin. Grate the ginger. De-seed the chillies and slice finely. Juice the lemons and then slice the squeezed halves into fine slices. Peel onions and slice finely.

    Mix onion, salt, lemon slices, lemon juice, vinegar, chillies, ginger and spice bag in a large stainless bowl and steep six hours or overnight.

    Next day select a heavy-based pan and cook everything (except the sugar) gently for about one hour until the lemon skins are really tender. (Once the sugar is added they will soften no more.)

    Add the sugar, stir to dissolve and boil briskly for 20 minutes. Bottle and leave for a month before eating.

    I have to confess to eating some of the pickle while still warm, with a roast chicken.

    Makes 4 cups


    I often freeze lemons whole, rather than juicing and freezing into blocks


    My aunt used to make the best lemon cordial with all of her excess lemons and it was lovely. Very fruity but loaded with sugar which in retrospect was not great but as a kid I didn’t really care. Maybe you could just skin and freeze them or squeeze the juice out and freeze that. Cheers GR.

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Thanks everyone for the lovely ideas and recipes! Have included them in my recipe file and plan to make them soon.

    Kais MummyKais Mummy

    Lemons are just the best,my mil gave me a huge bag recently…I made lemon cordial and juiced the rest and froze in ice cube trays,very handy to have in the freezer.Never thought of just putting the whole lemon in the freezer!!!


    Probably makes more sense to juice them if you are short on space – I just bought a hind quarter of beef, a side of pork and a side of lamb – space is at a premium! 😆


    Lemon meringue pie

    Lemon cheesecake

    Lemon icing for some cakes and slices

    Lemon and honey for sore throats

    You’ll find a list of 25 household/cleaning uses for lemons here

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