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    OK so it’s long past time that I tried to shift this post-baby weight. Given the youngest baby is now 4 yr olds, I have no excuse any longer.

    I just don’t have a clue how to go about it. joining a gym is NEVER going to happen, it’s both too expensive and I have no time free to commit to it on a regular enough basis to make the monitary cost worthwhile.

    I even enquired about the Kate Morgan program at the chemist last week, OMG it’s $48 a WEEK and all that buys you is 14 meal replacement shake thingies – ergh revolting.

    The basis of that program appears to be the “up your protein intake, drop off all carbs, eat lots of vegies instead (as long as they aren’t potato or sweet potato and not too many carrots)” style thing. I suppose similar to the Atkins diet thingy that was popular ages back.

    My problem is really, I have little to no time to devote to anything at the moment, including meals! My working hours are thurs fri sat sun, 9 hours/day, on my feet with no breaks. Then I do a shift Mon and Wed nights, 9pm til midnight. Mon/tues/wed i have kindy runs, school runs, playgroup, and the week’s grovery shopping, washing, and animal care and trying to clean the house up.

    There’s the net store to be run, postage runs to do, and I’m doing some at home freelance database entry in all my spare time LOL plus the sewing and dyeing and …. ARGH!!!

    The end result of all this seems to be that I don’t eat breakfast(other than the essential caffeine hit), I rarely eat lunch (unless I’m starving when I eat something sugary or fatty to get me through) then I eat dinner and fall asleep.

    I’m aware that this is all pretty much ass-about-face to the way it’s supposed to be, but I’m not really sure how to change it all around!

    I’m happy to implement some sort of reasonably strict routine, as I think it’s the only way things will actually change. Meal planning is good too. But I need some help with what the actual best way to do it is.

    Is the high protein low carb thing a worthwhile and healthy option to aim for? Or is that just silly? Obviously eating lots of veg is a good idea, and I’m keen to start throwing more of that together as soon as I can (starting tonight LOL I’m gonna bring back the stirfry *grin*) but I’m not sure about the cutting back of all carbs, and how I’m going to make that work in the family unit, where DH is diabetic and really needs his carbs. The kids probably need them more than i do too!

    It’s all so confusing.

    I need to drop about 40 kilos. I’m not in a super hurry, I’d rather make a lifestyle choice that assisted me in getting there and staying there, than do a fad diet, but it REALLY needs to be done.

    I eat practically anything, not a vegetarian and the only things I don’t like are pre-packaged crud or anything with artificial sweetener – or anything that costs an arm and a leg.

    Any tips gratefully received!



    Walk 😀

    My diet has always been pretty bad and I should be like the side of a house but I used to walk 6 to 8 kms in an hour and whilst I wasn’t Twiggy, I had very strong legs and never gained weight.

    I’m no expert but I think it’s all about walking more calories off than the amount you put in your fuel tank. If you know what I mean :confused:


    Ali, personally I think the high protein-low carb and all those other ‘diets’ are a load of cods. Protein and carbohydrates yield the same amount of calories. Fat yields more than twice that of carbs – that’s why animals have evolved to seek out fatty foods and why they usually pass the mouth-feel and taste test.

    In order to reduce weight, you will need to ensure your energy intake (calories) is less than energy output (activity), and shift your metabolism up a gear to start utilising stored fat for energy.

    Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out your system, cause as soon as you start burning adipose tissue there will be some surprise goodies released into your bloodstream.

    I’ve got some maintenance nutritional programs around somewhere. If you want I can post you a copy, PM your address.


    In order to reduce weight, you will need to ensure your energy intake (calories) is less than energy output (activity),

    Yeah, that 😀


    I would suggest to concentrate on making one change at a time. Like commitment to walking like Tullymoor suggests. But I don’t know how you would fit it in.

    If I were you, (and I have been) I would just cut out sugar, completely. It’s addictive and if you can last a week you’ll stop craving it.

    Up the veggies etc but concentrate on no sugar. Allow fruit. If you can beat that then go for another change.

    When I am good:D I exercise 1/2 hour 3 to 4 days a week, no sweet things and eat no carbs after 3 o’clock and that works well cause I don’t feel deprived and last longer. I am not being good at the moment but soon it will be warm enough for swimming and I make time for that. Good luck and keep us informed what you do and how it goes. Reporting to ASL may help. Hey, that’s an idea…. you decide what change you are going to make and I’ll do it with you for support, if you want.


    Mental effort burns up calories too, unless you’re snacking on chocolate at the same time 😉


    My nieghbour has had very good results fro the liver cleansing diet by Dr Sandra Cabot.

    Beth read this book and then decided to give it a go. The book gives you an insight into why things happen and recipies to prepare. Seemed like it was complicated untill she actually started doing it, proved to be simple and effective.

    Beth prepares soup in bulk and then freezes in portions. same with other meals , that wa she is only having to cook about every 10 days when it is just her. Spin off is her husband (who doesn’t need to lose wieght) is also eating some of the meals too and says he is feeling much better!


    DH and I had good results on the womens weekly 21 day wonder diet – nwe the hype says that you can lose up to 10 kg in 3 weeks but poo poo to that – very OTT.

    BUT having said that we both lost 0.5 – 1kg each week, and I found it helpful having the routine and the menu plans. PLUS it’s REAL FOOD – some of the recipes are so nice I’d use them for dinner parties! The only grumble with this (and all diets) was many breakfasts not filling enough so we just had the museli option with extra fruit and that was fine. Also I had extra salad or veg with the meals if I was still peckish.

    DOn’t know how it would fit in with kids etc though – but it’s available in kmart / coles etc for about $15 – maybe take a look next time you’re in there.

    But the best tip I have is EAT BREAKFAST. Skipping those meals your body goes into ‘staving’ mode and your metabolism slows down making it harder to lose weight and harder to resist the sugar cravings.

    Good luck!


    They way my husband and I lost close to 20kg each was a lifestyle change. It didn’t happen quickly, it was as simple (and as complicated) as changing our diet. Our reason for change was health-related, but it has so many benefits that I can’t recommend it enough.

    We first went to a naturopath and found out what foods we are intolerant to. In both our cases it was gluten and dairy (My husband can have goats cheese and milk, but I can’t have any dairy at all). So, we cut those out of our diet completely, as with preservatives and sugar.

    In the end, we eat mostly meat and vegetables and rice. There is almost nothing processed from the supermarket, as you can’t find many things that don’t contain sugar and preservatives these days.

    It took about 6 months to really see the difference in our weight and health – but after 20-something years of eating terribly, it’s not surprising really. 🙂 We didn’t do any extra exercise – but changing your diet to that extreme isn’t easy, but it was worth it for us.


    Breakfast – a mix of puffed rice, puffed corn with a rice-milk cocoa and banana smoothie.

    Snacks – buckwheat crackers or gluten/dairy-free bread with 100% fruit jam or vegespread, nuts

    Lunch – suppose to be leftover dinner from the night before, but we mostly make some vegetables or rice.

    Dinner – meat and veg, roast dinners, a special pasta sauce we make without tomatoes, etc..

    Deserts – gluten/dairy-free custard and tinned fruit, gluten/dairy-free cakes etc.

    We are suppose to eat around 6 times a day, and done right, you’re never hungry. I highly recommend going to a good naturopath or someone to find out what you should and shouldn’t be eating for YOU and YOUR body..

    Apologies for the long post, it’s a topic that is close to my heart and everyday life. 🙂


    There is a great book and CD from John Gabriel on the net. I bought it an I am working through it. He has a different way of looking at it. It comes with a CD which you listen to at night to support the changes you make. It is very step by step, very good for us busy types… It seems to be working….


    I have done many many diets over the years and none have worked for me!

    I gave Tony Fergusson (the shake diet thing) a go.

    It made me terribly constipated as i knew it would, so I went in and spoke to them about this.

    I was advised to have all bran for brekky, a shake for lunch and meat and veg for dinner.

    Well I have been kinda sticking to that and i have lost 9 kilos in 10 weeks.

    What I do is have a shake or all bran for breakfast, I make up a huge pot of soup every couple of days chicken stock, cauli, broccoli, asparagus ect and i have soup for lunch just about everyday. And then dinner is a much smaller portion than what I would normally have. :p

    So basically have breakfast – small bowl of cerael or a smoothie, lunch pre- make soup and take that to work and dinner do the veg and meat.

    I really don’t get that hungry now – it did take 3-4 days of hell in the first week though!!

    And my only exercise is the day to day stuff with the kids and the house and garden.


    Ali, lots of good tips here. I work in the fitness industry (although not qualified) so I know a little about it. Creekers advice to make sure your calorie intake is less than your calorie output is exactly right.

    Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. If you don’t start the day properly, you wont have enough energy to do what needs to be done.

    Snack often – lots of fruit and raw or lighty steamed vegies. Not too much diary. Wholegrain or dark breads are low GI and will keep you from feeling hungry. LEAN meat. This will help speed up metabolism.

    Don’t eat anything after 7:30pm. Going to bed with an almost empty stomach will help make sure you want breakfast! Also trying to digest while you are sleeping is a no-no. (one of Oprahs tips actually!)

    Cut sugar right out, as Vicki suggested. If you have a craving, have an apple. If that really doesn’t work, have a barley sugar or something that releases sugar slowly, but really try not too.

    Most importantly, let yourself have a treat every now and then. If you completely cut out all yummy things you will ‘give in’ and binge. Just say once or twice a week, you will allow yourself a small treat. That way, when you neeeeeed something, you can tell yourself, only 1 more day. When you do have a treat, have it early in the day, so it’s not still in your tummy when you go to bed.

    Losing weight slowly is the healthy way to go. These diets that promise you’ll so much in so many weeks are just crap, because as soon as you stop, you put the weight back on. Small lifestyle changes are the keys.

    Didn’t mean to waffle so much! Hope some of this helps!


    The best way for you to lose weight IMHO is to write down on this thread, what you eat each day. 🙂

    My step-daughter just went to a Naturopath and has been given a zinc supplement and a decent diet. I could see a difference in the way she looked after 5 days. 😮

    I once lost about 20kg just eating sensibly. I had no time or inclination for breakfast & no formal exercise involved, just work and housework/gardening. Prior to that, I used to be so busy that I would eat a bag of lollies for dinner at work. 😐

    You need the right mindset to start with and then you’re fine. Start slowly.

    I rarely eat lunch (unless I’m starving when I eat something sugary or fatty to get me through) then I eat dinner and fall asleep.

    I think that’s the first problem to address. Always have a sandwich with you.


    In our our family we stick to good diet..

    A full rounded breakfast (eg oats and fruit and a glass of water)

    Lunch is notmally the biggest meal for me and ranges pasta, roast etc etc.. Dinner vegies, rice, and small portion of meat… The fave is homemade pizza on pita breads rather than a base…

    My darling wife runs every second night, and this has hepled her greatly with the “Twin Skin” She started at nothing, and is now getting around 8kms just under an hour.. She runs to a audio plan, which you can download for free and you just put it on your mp3 player / ipod..


    I think that’s the first problem to address. Always have a sandwich with you.

    I like to have dried fruit and nuts at my desk to stop any of those cravings 🙂 They come in handy to when you forget to take your lunch to work..

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