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"Loose" Stone Walls

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    Hi alsers, I wont to build a loose stone wall on one side of a garden shed that you contain with a steel mesh. Has anyone done this and what is it called? Please help, cheers porgey.


    I know what you’re talking about Porgey, it’s often used beside highways… Don’t know what’s called though, sorry.

    I just mentioned it to a friend I’m talking to on the phone and she seemes to think it’s called “gabian or gabbians”. The spelling is probably wrong.


    greetings … try to get hold of a publication by Ken Kern. they’re dated now … 1970’s I think … but he had two books one of which was called “The Owner Built Home”. sorry can’t recall the other exactly … may have been “The Owner Built Homestead”. (are there any other old hippies out there who know?)

    check it on google anyway. the homestead book will contain a section on loose wall construction.

    (this guy was not a theorist. he had done all the things he wrote about.)


    Thank you all. I look forward to researching & building a gabion wall now that I know what it is called. Thanks again, I hope you are all having a good day. Cheers porgey.


    if the soil behind the wall is loose and likely to wash out, line the back of the wall with old shade cloth, this will let the water through, but retain all but the finest soil

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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