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    I grow a bit of my own veges on the back of my modest sized suburban block, and quite often I have a lot of extra seed that doesn’t get planted the following year.

    I’d really like to store this seed for the long term. It would be even better if I could bury it. I’ve been looking at using mylar bags and silica gel for storage.

    Does anyone know of a supplier for mylar bags and silica gel? I’ve done google searches and a search on here, but haven’t come up with anything concrete.

    Also any advice from those who have long term seeds banks would be helpful also.



    cryogenic storage facility? 😀

    SorbentSystems in the US supply both:

    In Oz, you can get mylar film, usually clear, and make your own pockets from archival suppliers such as:

    Zetta Florence If it was in the dark/underground it might not need the foil.

    When archiving stuff, normal ziplock bags are considered a cheap alternative that last for a long time in a stable state, so they could be acceptable for what you are aiming to achieve.

    Some references I’ve read indicate that to store seed for a few years the temp needs to be below 0 degrees, and RH at 3-7%, and for longer than that it needs -18 degrees with the same RH.

    You might be better storing them in the freezer until it ceases to function. When that happens you know you’ve got to plant the lot anyway 😉


    mt ben wrote:

    This thread has got me a little perplexed. Just how long are you intending to store these seeds?

    Unless you’re intending to preserve seeds for the replanting of Earth after a far distant doomsday, the cost just ain’t worth it.

    +10 years. Up to 20 years. Yes it is for a “doomsday”. I intend to bury it.



    you’re certainly chosen the right user name and avatar!

    seed savers network will have much info re seed saving

    also survivalists web sites is probably also a good try, there is one in oz, many in the US


    I found a good supplier of bags, but I had to buy heaps more than what I needed for myself.

    I can either sell the bags ($0.50 each) to anyone on here who wants them, or I can create a survival seed store for other people if they are interested in one.

    I’ve decidied to freeze mine so they last as long as possible with better viability, especially with the smaller seeds like onion, carrot and silverbeet. I’m packing them with a desiccant and oxygen absorber. The abosrber basically removed all the oxygen from the heat-sealed bag leaving an almost pure nitrogen atmosphere, making sure that no bugs or fungus can grow in the bags or seeds. This is significant;y easier and cheaper than flooding with nitrogen.

    Like I said, if anyone is interested lest me know…send me a PM. I have a heat-sealer so it is relatively easy for me to do them here.



    There are a lot of people making a lot of money getting a survival kit together. Your seed packet idea might make you some extra cash. I’d buy one…just for fun.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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