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    I am preparing long term food and water storage and wanting to know if anyone has suppliers for Mylar bags ,oxygen absorbers a dehydrator and vacuum sealer …I also am looking for bulk wheat ,beans ,rice and other long term supplies ….It’s hard to find in Australia ….I was told the LDS church in America is cheap to buy from …does anyone know if they have canneries in Australia

    Would also love to chat to other people in Perth



    Hi perthgal, I found that too with the LDS and from what I’ve been able to find out they don’t sell their goods from the US here, there may be some threads on storing food here on ALS just have a peek around the threads section.

    You will be able to get a dehydrator and vacuum sealer from somewhere like the Good Guys or dehydrator online from Green Harvest in QLD:

    I don’t live in Perth (I’m in NSW) but do have a local bulk food shop where I can buy bulk dry goods amongst other things so it’s worth looking around for somewhere like that near where you are.


    I bought two water filter bottles and some oxygen absorbers from LDS in the US which they shipped without postage charge but I suspect they would have large postage charges for heavy bulk items. I got my vacuum sealer off ebay.


    I tried to buy from the LDS website but they dont allow non members to purchase can you let me know how you did it??


    Hi fellow perthie!!

    I have long term stockpiled other household essentials,and self taught how too find alternatives for these things as well

    The one thing struggle with is stockpiling food-stuffs. Although the work I do, I do know where to get the best EVOO, honey, wine (essential in emergency situations LOL) plus local grower farms.

    For bulk items have you tryed -Kakulas Bros./Sisters, Cash and Carry?

    I know of a flour mill down south, (forget the name), could try them for wheat products.


    There is a link to skip the membership number if you aren’t a member:

    Hope it works for you.


    I have created a facebook page for Australian Food Storage tips and suppliers come join lets share information and grow together πŸ™‚

    Food Storage Australia


    Hi Mistyhollows,

    I’m in NSW too. Could you tell me where you get your bulk dry goods?




    If you go to the Caravan and camping show when it is in your state there is a guy that sells trays for the dryers and they fit all kinds for $5 and the fruit drying trays for $8. I bought several but have misplaced his card. he came from NSW. you will need to go to all and ask the prices.

    I buy bulk in SA at Thebarton and my neice goes to Costco. I know several people how drive over to Vic to stock up on their specials well worth the $60 joining fee


    I am in NSW too so that info from Mistyhollows would be great!


    for Bulk Seeds in Australia go to and, both in Australia, organic, non GMO, hybrids and you can buy bulk – hope that helps


    hi, you dont have to be an lds member to order most things on the site πŸ™‚ all are welcome and free shipping too


    Yes please Mistyhollows,where do you get your bulk foods.

    I have a Dehydrator since ages,i am very happy with it.

    dried fruit keeps well in glas jars with screw tops.


    I get my bulk flour, salt etc from V & C Foods on the South Coast of NSW 12.5kg bags of flour etc but if you don’t live near the South Coast they are a wholesaler who have a shopfront and you would need to look for a wholesaler who lives near you unless you fancy a drive, I don’t think they have an online shop:

    Honest to Goodness in Sydney who have an online shop (great organic dried apricots):

    and Santos (who can be a little pricey) who also have an online shop:

    The website does grocery run once a month (coming up this Thursday) and I used it for the first time last month and they have groceries at reduced prices where you can buy up to 5 items at a time. If they still have any left catchoftheday also had some fantastic solar desk lamps. We bought a couple last sale they had and they had some more the other day. You can go to their ‘caught’ section and they have a list of some things still on sale.

    Just a couple of the places I visit when stocking up πŸ™‚


    Mistyhollows thanks for those links anyone know of similar ones in Victoria.

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