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Login Nightmare, are you having issues?

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    :angry: Every time I try to use the forum I have to login. That involves going to my email account & fishing out this stupid token for my password the site thinks I need. Then when I login it more than likely will say invalid token.

    Everytime I login I put in my username which hasn’t changed, then this token thingy & tick Remember Me, then login. Obviously doesn’t remember me!:blink:

    This is getting tedious, anyone else feel like they are locked out & have to jump thru hoops to get into the forum & site??:(


    I have found, all I need to do is click on recent topics, and sometimes even have to click on index, and then recent topics, and that lets me in


    I’m getting the same problem. The site doesn’t remember me and I have to log in each time. I use the Firefox browser and it remembers my log in details, so that’s not a problem. Sometimes when I log in I get a message “invalid token”. I haven’t a clue what that means, but if I hit the ‘back’ button on the browser I’m logged into the site.


    I have the same problem. Then I have to go and check that the password I use is the right one (as I start doubting myself) only to find out I was right but still can’t get in. Then other times it works not a problem. Sometimes I just come back later and try again.


    Yeah, the site is doing the same with me. I always hit Recent Topics, which sometimes logs me in, but not all the time.

    If it comes up with Invalid Token I just reload ALS and it works then.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Me too. Using Firefox, always have to put in my username and password, click ‘remember me’ and login. Sometimes I’ll get “invalid token” and hit the back button and find that it’s logged me in. Other times it won’t have and I just can’t log in at all. Those are the times I get totally frustrated with it and go and do something else.

    It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya! A conspiracy!


    Having the same problems, but as others have said, go onto recent topics of Index and usually it has logged you in.


    I am having the same hassles as well. It keeps on asking me to login, the old site kept me logged in for months at a time – it was quite peachy. I was wondering if it was something to do with different usernames & passwords for different applications? I have different login details for my computer & email & als so if one is corrupted it doesn’t bugger up the others. Is my browser trying to self actualise my hard drive and combine the different login details into one giant electro-synaptic nightmare? Off to the shed.


    Me too! Must be a glitch in the program!


    Add me to the “having hassles” list.

    Invalid token? What token? I’ve never used a token and three times this morning the site told me this rather than log me in. Fine, got better things to do and don’t spend much time on this site now anyway. Later, whilst reading posts I hit the return button to find I was logged in, but apparently had an invalid password. On the next page, with no prompting from me, that message disappeared and I was logged in as normal. I think the site is making the story up as it goes along!


    Add me to having hassles I use Safari as my browser


    Hi Everyone,

    Seems to be a pretty widespread issue! Our apologies for making you all suffer.

    We’ll need to have a conference to see what’s been changed recently in the login system and try to track down the source of the error. Hopefully it wont take us too long and we can return to normal service.


    I aslo get this “Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet”. But it still logs me in?

    It dosen’t like my user name or password but still lets me in – go figure ?


    There are a couple of different login systems for different components of the site, and it seems they’re not playing nicely together, which is why you might get a variety of different messages, yet still get in.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Don’t you just love computers?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 109 total)
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