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    thanks you, off to check it out


    Toad post=355688 wrote: I find so many families wanting to get out of the rat race. Most want to do just this get off off the grid.

    We live off grid, in terms of how most here think of it. Own power, own water, own sewage own heating lots of our own food.

    Here’s us

    We also spent 10 months living in Cambodia, a real eye opener

    As Snags points out, you’re still reliant. If your batteries blow up or crap themselves (enormously expensive) if your inverter craps itself etc etc

    The big thing I see is unrealistic expectations. Most people aren’t ready for the amount of work they need on their place, (weed control etc) the amount of capital it needs (chainsaws, power tools, hand tools, tanks, pumps etc etc) to follow a quasi western lifestyle and the amount of money you will not have coming in.

    Also distance from medical, fire etc

    All I have to do is go into Grafton and that’s a place with no traffic lights to realise why the hell I moved out to a rural area.

    One tip, ditch the TV. Not because of the crap on it but the distraction it provides to tempt you away and back into a crappy consumerist lifestyle.

    I read part of the first chapter of his book online, it is difficult (for me) to get past him being a seeming “crack pot”. I find anyone believing in a big scary dude in the sky difficult to accept as rational. That aside, I modeled my attempt more on Thoreau, combined with the necessity of doing something about climate change.

    Now this makes industrialism the modern tower of Babel. It is the one language of the world, and it is the result of the carnal man saying “Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven”. Of course the city is urbanism and the tower is industrialism.

    Ok, so if you disagree with that, then you may have no reason to read further or to investigate the solutions provided for you in this book

    I pretty much stopped there, ’cause he lost me with that drivel.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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