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    I’m thinking of planting linseed/flax in my garden this year. I have some seed (from the store) and thought I would try scattering aroung under my fruit trees after winter passes. Has anyone else grown it, is it weedy? Most of all would it be ok to plant under the fruit trees? I want to try and attract some predator insects, like the beautiful blue flowers and the added bonus that you can eat the seed (and use the flax) 🙂


    Hey GN,

    I grew it years ago, it does get pretty spindly and weedy looking afer a while. Do you want seed or the flax fibre? I belive that they had different cultivars for each but then you would probably get some harvest of each if you want to……



    I don’t know but I’m waiting with great interest to see what others say on this one!


    I grew flax out in the front garden bed a few years back. It’s pretty easy to grow, but I found it does fall over in strong winds easily. The flowers are quite pretty. 🙂 We left them to dry and harvested the seeds in the summer. The ground used was pretty depleated afterwards and needed a fair bit of manure put back into it. I read that’s a common issue with flax.

    We still have about half the heads in a big container.. years later! They’re time consuming to process, and with easier options available (like buying it!!) I’ve been too lazy to finish the job. They’re not a weed though.. a couple of flax came up again in the garden bed, even a few years later, but I encoraged that. 🙂

    I didn’t use the stalks.. that process looked far more time consuming than processing the seeds! :laugh:


    I mainly want to grow them for the flowers with the added bonus of seeds. The fibre isn’t that important to me, I just thought it could be useful around the garden for different things. The process to remove it does seem tedious though! If they are hungry plants I’ll plant them in the flower garden or around the fencelines instead of under the fruit trees. Will have to wait until late October before I can plant them out here but I’ll be interested to see how they go.


    Could the whole seed head be given to chickens to eat?


    Just a little update – I scattered the flax around in a garden bed probably about a week ago and little sprouts are starting to pop up everywhere. Only fairly small at the moment but they seemed to jump out of the ground overnight! Will take photos as they progress.

    Miaozen not sure about the chickens. I haven’t grown flax before. I guess as long as the pod isn’t poisonous it would be ok??

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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