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    For the technologically minded 🙂

    I have noticed on some of the other blogs there is a link to ALS. Can someone who is computer savvy (probably Dr Stevil) tell me how this is done?? I’m going round in circles trying to do it!


    Hmmm, you might have me stumped with this one but I imagine you would go to layout and then add a gadget. I notice there is a gadget called ‘Blog List’.

    But there are probably heaps of bloggers out there that would have more of an idea than me. 🙂


    I am not exceptionally savvy :laugh:

    but either as Steve said in

    go to ‘DESIGN’

    then ‘add a gadget’

    then either ‘blog list’ or ‘link list’ from the menu

    there are other ways in this section but those two are the easiest.


    add a photo (so the ALS logo if there is one that’s ok to use), and make the photo ‘clickable’

    by the same


    then ‘add a gadget’

    then choose ‘picture’ and there you can add a picture and a link so that if you click on the pic it takes you to that link.

    don’t forget to save your changes 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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